ABA Views Law Center Bar Sanction

by Carol Fetty

Provisional accreditation for the University of La Verne College of Law may become a reality for Summer 1978 if progress on the American Bar Association inspection team’s recommendations con­tinues at its present rate, according to President Armen Sarafian and Dean Thomas Reese, who recently returned from a meeting with the ABA Committee in Washington, D.C.

“I don’t want to comment premature­ly on our status,” stated Dean Reese, “but it is conceivable that we could receive accreditation this summer. There are however, several stages to full accreditation; we want to move quickly, but carefully, toward them.”

Dean Reese and President Sarafian will be attending the ABA Council convention in Denver, Colo., June 17. At that time, the Council will be considering the report of the original inspection team and the recommendations of the Committee which met with President Sarafian and Dean Reese in Washington. Also attend­ing the earlier meeting were George Stevens, legal counsel for the College of Law, and Dean Richard Huber, chairman of the ABA inspection team which originally visited ULV .

“There is no doubt in my mind that we will receive accreditation,” Reese continued, “but I don’t want to be too specific on the time until after the ABA Convention in Denver. We received an excellent report from the committee in Washington, which goes to the council in Denver as a recommendation.”

Reese commented on the progress which has been made by the law school and also cited the advancements which must be made in the near future.

“We have an excellent faculty, but a young one,” he remarked. “We are endeavoring now to add seasoned, exper­ienced faculty to achieve a real balance. Our buildings have, so far, proved to be excellent facilities, but we have to expand and are adding to our facilities as quickly as possible.”

Reese mentioned that the results of the Denver Convention may be a provi­sional (three-year) accreditation of the college, or a recommendation that the inspection team look at ULV again in July to note the progress of · the pas few months. If such a recommendation is made, the provisional accreditation would probably be given in the Fall of 1978.

Carol Fetty
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