Amateur Talent Highlights ‘Coffeehouse’

Susan Corder
Staff Writer

Hidden talent will be displayed at the annual “Coffee House” talent show Friday, Nov. 20, at 9 p.m. in La Fetra Hall.

“‘Coffee House’ is a type of talent show with a culmination of acts, such as musicians, singers and comedians,” said ASF member and coordinator Kandy Williams.

ASF is sponsoring the activity. There will be no charge for admit­tance. In the past, the ‘Coffee House’ has been held at Warehouse Pizza in La Verne.

Williams said, “Warehouse doesn’t have the space we have here on campus.”

La Fetra was picked to hold the show for a number of reasons: on campus, La Fetra holds up to 250 people, and there is no rental fee for lights or space.

Williams feels that more people will turn out to perform at La Fetra because Warehouse is a  public place, and people other than ULV students would be present. She feels that students will feel more at ease and at home with the show be­ing held on campus.

Anyone may participate. “As of right now, I only have students signed up,” said Williams. There are 13-15 acts. Williams said she won’t turn anyone away who wants to per­form.

The only rules for the show are that the acts must be within good taste. “The acts can’t be crude or rude,” said Williams.

There was a meeting Monday night for the participants to discuss who will be performing, and what will be performed.

“A lot of people are trying to keep the acts a secret,” said Williams.

Williams feels the show will be a success. “It’s a good function that ASF puts on because it gets the students participating, whether they are performing or watching. ‘Coffee House’ is one of the few non­ expensive ASF functions that pro­vides enjoyment for the students, as well.”

Deren Finks will be the master of ceremonies for the evening. Finks said, “I’m looking forward to a good show and a lot of fun and laughs.”

Anyone  interested in performing is invited to contact Kandy Williams at the Student Center front desk as soon as possible.

Susan Corder
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