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Holiday Spirits

editorial cartoon by Mark Waters

That good ol’ Christmas spirit comes on more slowly than it used to. But it comes, and at the University of La Verne, the Christmas spirit has finally arrived.

Students at ULV may mutter “Bah, humbug,” at the sight of Christmas, for at that time of the year it also means the arrival of finals.

But students are human, and they are apt to be overwhelmed with decorations, candy canes and egg nog that are setting the at­mosphere on campus. So who has time to worry about finals?

ULV has planned everything from decorating a huge Christmas tree to the traditional Christmas dance in the Tents.

People just will not be able to avoid being caught up in the Christmas spirit around here. The third floor of Brandt Hall is lit up with Christmas ornaments from the ceiling to the floor. Everyone’s door has a spirited message for anyone who comes to this floor for viewing.

The annual football game on “Brandt Field” is played with a spirited barbecue to follow.

There was also Christmas party at Brandt Monday and the Black Students Union sponsored a party at the Mt. Baldy Ski Lodge.

Over at Stu-Han, residents posted the message “Merry Christmas” in different languages on the front windows. The dorm is also having a door decorating contest.

The biggest event of the Christmas season is tonight’s faculty­ student dinner in Davenport Dining Hall. Meals will be served at 5:30 p.m.

The faculty will be in charge of hosting and providing a center­ piece for a table. Dress is semi-formal. Students who have meal tickets will not be charged. The price for non-meal ticket holders and faculty is $4.

The festivities don’t stop there, though, as the La Verne Church of the Brethren will host the fourth annual Feast of Lights at 7:30 p.m. The University of La Verne Music Department will also participate in the program. Over 100 participants will perform musical selections and narrations.

Following the dinner, students will be able to participate in the hanging of the greens on the Christmas tree in the Student Center.

The Christmas tree will be a special symbol to ULV because it will have decorations made by students.

A traditional holiday festival, with all this spirited activity, is bring­ing the University closer together.

Trading gifts and singing Christmas carols will be the highlight of this year’s winter wonderland together.

So get ready for a special holiday, ULV students. The spirit is here, and let’s rejoice and sing our hearts away! Merry Christmas and hap­py New Year to everyone!

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Mark Waters

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