Baseball player injured in game

by Laura Lopez
Arts Editor

Tim Wells, a ULV sophomore, was released from the Pomona Valley Hospital (PVH) a week ago, after suf­fering a fractured skull. Wells, a player on the junior varsity baseball team, was injured while pitching during a game against Occidental College on the evening of April 22.

In the first inning of the game, Wells delivered a pitch and was struck severely on the front of the head after the ball was hit back in a line drive. The ball hit him so hard it bounced off his head and hit the third base dugout. Wells was knocked down by the blow, but in a few seconds was back on his feet.

Coach Owen Wright and trainer Marilyn Oliver rushed onto the field, while Wells was trying to pick up his glove. The paramedics were called immediately.

Wells, who never lost con­sciousness, walked off the field and sat down on the bench. Wright and team members noticed a small trickle of blood on his head.

Wright and trainer Oliver, who sat with Wells while they waited for the paramedics, asked him questions to try to keep him conscious. According to Wright, Wells could not remember what day it was, and “had lost his communications skills.”

“We asked Wells, what day it was, but he could not answer. His speech was very slurred and it was difficult to understand what he was saying,” said Wright.

As soon as the paramedics arrived Wells was rushed to PVH where it was discovered he had a fractured skull. He was then placed In the Intensive Care Unit.

In what seemed like a touch-and-go situation for a full recovery, Wells’ con­dition was unstable. However, his con­dition improved and after one week Wells was released from the hospital. The doctor’s prognosis is that Wells will recover 100 percent, but it will take six months to a year.

Wells’ doctor has recommended that he rest and have no strenuous mental or physical activity for a while. Wells is now recovering at his home in Baldwin Park. Wells will not be able to return to school to finish the end of the semester; however arrangements have been made so he can be tutored and finish his studies by the end of the summer. He is expected to return to school in the fall.

Said Wright, “In my 25 years of coaching, I have never seen a hit that hard back to the pitcher. It was a very unfortunate accident. Since his acci­dent he has been in our pre-game prayers. The team and coaching staff have decided to give him a team ball with all the coaches and team player’s signatures.”

Said teammate Tim Confair, “Tim really had no time to react. It hap­pened so quickly. I just hated it. After the accident, I was really not in the game. I kept thinking about the acci­dent and how it could have been anyone. I’ve been hit by the ball many times, it’s all part of the game.”

Said Wright, “It will take some time until he recovers fully, but if I know Timmy, next January he’ll be back on the field ready to play baseball again. He fell off his pony and he has to get back on,” said Wright.

Laura Lopez
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