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Student petition produces results

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by Jenny Bauer
Managing Editor

Fire extinguishers and sanitary items have been placed in all buildings of the Oaks following the presentation of a petition to University of La Verne President Stephen Morgan’s office last week by Oaks resident assistants and residents who demanded completion of several projects in the residential buildings.

The petition was initiated by the Oaks RAs on the morning of Thursday, April 19. By late morning, the petition held 35 signatures and was delivered to Dr. Morgan’s of­fice. The president was on vacation at the time. “We had exhausted every possible way to get things done,” said Mike Salois, RA.

Copies of the petition were then served to Loretta Rahmani, assistant dean of residen­tial life, early Thursday afternoon. Rahmani responded by calling a meeting at 7 p.m. that night to meet with the residents.

More than a quarter of the 152 Oaks residents attended the meeting. There, students voiced various concerns with the incompletion of promised projects. “I was frustrated because I didn’t have all the answers,” said Rahmani. “However, I was able to see the issues the students were really concerned about. I was pleased to learn the residents were concerned about safety and sanitary issues, rather than TVs and mirrors.”

“Students got the chance to vent their feelings,” said Salois about the meeting. Students told Rahmani that they wanted to see fire extinguishers installed and sanitary items placed in the bathrooms immediately. Earlier promised TVs, towel racks and mir­rors were really not a major concern of the residents. However, most did insist that these items, too, need to be installed soon.

Through this meeting, Rahmani also learned that students wanted to get a chance to meet with the Maintenance Department and discuss these topics.

The following day, Rahmani contacted Dr. John Mainiero, vice president of business and finance, and informed him of the residents concerns and demands. “I told him that we had to get the area of safety and sanitary issues done that day. I also wanted whatever else could be done, done,” said Rahmani.

That day, fire extinguishers, toilet seat covers and sanitary napkin holders were placed in all buildings of the Oaks. Previous to this, some buildings contained the items, while others did not. Rahmani and Dr. Mainiero personally oversaw the work and had other jobs completed also. A barbecue pit and stands for TVs were installed.

There are still some projects to be completed; however, Rahmani has no dates for completion. She said towel racks and mirrors are currently being shipped and will be installed upon arrival. Phones will not be installed until a software package can be up­dated to include new phone lines at the Oaks.

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