New Macintosh replaces missing ASF computer

by Kirk Saylin
Staff Writer

A $14,000 computer system has been purchased by the ASF Forum to replace the $8,000 system that was stolen out of the ASF office last May.

The new equipment includes a Macintosh Hsi, a Microtext 600zs color scanner, a removable hard drive, assorted software and an additional Macintosh Le. This will take the place of a Macintosh Se30, a keyboard, mouse and software. The laserwriter printer was not taken.

Since there was no sign of forced entry after the theft was discovered on May 25, it is believed that either the door to the ASF office was left open or the crime was committed by someone who had a key. All forum members, officers and ASF student workers were issued a key last year.

Nancy Adams, Forum president, said she notified ULV security and filed a police report immediately. She also contacted Forum members to determine whether anyone knew of the computer’s whereabouts.

“When I saw the computer missing, my first hope was that a Forum mem­ber had taken it home, even though that was not proper procedure,” Adams said. She could recall only two instances when the Macintosh had previously been taken out of the office, once to get it updated, and the second time to get a virus fixed.

She said new measures are being taken to protect the new computer. The equipment is being secured, and although Forum members still have unlimited access to the office, student workers no longer have keys.

Money for the $14,000-system came from two sources: insurance and the ASF budget. The University’s insur­ance company paid out $8,000 to ASF for the stolen computer. The remaining $6,000 became available when organi­zations did not use the full amount of the money they were allocated by the Forum.

Adams explained that out of $8,000 allocated to clubs last year, $1,800 was unused. Intramurals had an excess of $800 at the end of the year, and most committees finished slightly under budget, adding up to substantial amounts. There was also $2,000 gener­ated from the sales of clothing and megaphones, Monte Carlo play gambling money and other sales.

The unspent money was not dis­covered until early June when it flowed back into the ASF budget, as all unused funds do at the closing of each year. Adams said she was noti­fied that if these funds were not used in a matter of days, they would be put into the general fund of the University. She mailed ballots to Forum members on a motion to use the money to replace the stolen computer. The motion passed. This was before it was con­firmed that the previous computer was insured.

Adams said the additional comput­er, the Macintosh Le, was bought to meet extra computer demand by the Inter Organization of Clubs (I.O.C.) and the Inter Fraternity and Sorority Council (I.F.S.C.). It will give members of clubs and Greek organizations easy access to a computer for their club and organization projects and activities.

However, the system has not been set up yet due to the lack of space. The Forum is planning to move into the “bubbles” in the Student Center (for­merly the Health Center), where there would be a separate computer room.

Once the entire computer system is set up, students will be able to reserve time to use the Macintosh Le, which has better graphic capability and high­er speed than the computers available in the ULV computer lab. For those not familiar with the system, Forum mem­bers will be able to show them how to use it.

Students who want to use the com­puter should contact a Forum member either by phone, note or in person to reserve a time slot, otherwise, ASF business will have priority. Everyone using the computer must first be properly instructed by a Forum member or an ASF officer.

The Macintosh Ilsi and expandable hard drive, according to Adams, were purchased to save money on set-up charges in printing and expansion for future Forums.

“The computer helps us to be more efficient in that it enables us to create better publicity, maintain records, and basically improve our system of gov­ernment,” said Kristie Meier, Forum member.

In the Sept. 27 issue of the Campus Times, the Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum’s procedure for approving its new computer purchase was incorrectly reported. In June, ASF President Nancy Adams did not call an emergency Forum meeting, but instead mailed ballots to all Forum members to record their votes.

Kirk Saylin
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