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Monica Schwarze and Rosie Sinapi, the new editors of the La Verne Magazine and Campus Times, sit on the steps of Miller Hall. Schwarze and Sinapi are both juniors and share similar interests in journalism. / photo by Ivan Matsumoto
Monica Schwarze and Rosie Sinapi, the new editors of the La Verne Magazine and Campus Times, sit on the steps of Miller Hall. Schwarze and Sinapi are both juniors and share similar interests in journalism. / photo by Ivan Matsumoto

by Cherryl F. Cercado
Staff Writer

Continuing the tradition of excellence in journalism, Rosie Sinapi and Monica Schwarze have been named editors of next semester’s Campus Times and La Verne Magazine, respectively.

Sinapi, a junior who transferred from Loyola Marymount, was thrilled when she was asked to fill the position.

“I didn’t believe it. I thought that he [Eric Bishop, adviser of Campus Times] was kidding. I was truly amazed and honored,” said Sinapi.

Schwarze, a journalism major with a minor in marketing, is looking forward to furthering the respected reputation of La Verne Magazine.

“I’m very excited. I’ve really en­joyed working on the magazine and it’s such an honor to be chosen as editor.

“I’d like to keep the magazine interesting by keeping the staff motivated and interested,” said Schwarze. “I think if the writer is interested in the story, the reader will actually be interested and excited about it.”

Schwarze has no radical plans to change the magazine. As always, the magazine will have a different theme next semester.

“I really like that we’re doing a larger magazine and only publishing once a semester,” she said. “Each individual magazine is different and I’m hoping to think of a theme that will hopefully involve the La Verne community and to maybe have articles involving students and professors as well.”

Sinapi’s plans for Campus Times are similar to Schwarze’s hopes for the magazine. Like Schwarze, Sinapi is also concerned about keeping up the professional tradition that Campus Times has possessed in the past. “I felt that my first semester was good but this semester (her second) was so superb and I just want to keep it going in that direction,” said Sinapi.

Sinapi’s main goal is to have the newspaper printed early. “I want us to get the paper done on Thursdays, by noon at the latest,” said Sinapi. “A couple times this semester, we didn’t get the paper printed until seven o’clock Thursday night and it had to be distributed by Friday morning.”

Sinapi, counting on a large staff due to the entrance of first semester journalism students on Campus Times, anticipates that everyone takes part in the production of the newspaper.

“I hope that no one gets discouraged and will get involved in doing layout, editing, headlines and giving story ideas.”

Sinapi also wants more student input regarding the paper. “I want to know what the students are thinking,” said Sinapi. “I want people to write more letters and not just about the columns because it seems to me that the students only write about the columns, on what the editors feel and not about the content of the paper. It’s a student newspaper and I feel that the best way for us to improve is if people write letters.”

Eric Paulsen, current editor-in-chief of the Campus Times, said, “I think she’s going to do a good job because she knows what it takes to get the paper out. She was a good choice to be my successor.”

Cherryl F. Cercado, Editorial Assistant
Cherryl F. Cercado
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