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New Prop. leaves smokers in ashes

editorial cartoon by Jeff Nicoll

“Non-smoking section” is a passe term now that smoking has been regulated statewide in all public areas. Now non-smokers need not worry about their individual scent being disguised by the odor of tobacco. California residents can now eat in smoke-free air. Comments of “I’ll never eat in a restaurant again” have been met with tense regret by business owners. No smoking in Denny’s has limited its clientele down to the non-smokers or the quick eaters. Los Angeles County has had a ban on smoking in all its 7,000 restaurants since 1993 and, since Proposition 188, so has the entire state.

Smoking has always been a heavy topic of discussion and debate in the media and now because of Prop. 188 there is no more concern over whether smoking should be allowed in public areas or not. The decision has been made. Some are upset that the voters have chosen to take away the freedom of choice but that is not even worthy of discussion. Smokers can still smoke—they just cannot do it in indoor public areas where it creates a nuisance to others.

Smoking is an emotional issue because it deals with individual rights and freedoms. Smoking is still allowed in bars and dance clubs, which seems appropriate. If you are going to be drinking and “freaking” you might as well poison your body with tobacco at the same time.

So, there will be no more ashtrays to push away from the middle of your table when you sit down, no more “no-smoking” table signs to fiddle with when you are waiting for your food to arrive and only one question to answer when you walk into Denny’s late at night: “How many in your party?”

So the complaining should stop now. The non-smokers got what they wanted, they voted for it. The voting public chose to regulate smoking and allow dining facilities to be as healthy as eating should be. The Campus Times supports the smoking ban for the health reasons involved. Those of us in La Verne cannot smoke in Warehouse Pizza any longer, but we can smoke in Nick’s Bar right across the street. Change is part of the American system.

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Jeff Nicoll

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