ASF open forums fall victim to lackluster participation

by Merritt Beckett
Staff Writer

Lack of student attendance at the Associated Student Federation (ASF) open forums held last Thursday and Friday in Founders Auditorium has produced disappointment and frustration among members of the ASF Forum.

“Each student received a flyer in their mailbox, over 100 flyers were placed around campus and the forums were announced on KULV and in the Campus Times. There is no excuse for (students) not knowing,” said junior Scott Mac Kay, ASF Board of Trustees Rep­resent­ative, who also organized the event.

ASF hoped to give the student body an arena in which they could express their ideas and concerns about the University openly. The Forum then planned to take these ideas to the appropriate faculty and administration members to create a benchmark from which they could judge how the University of La Verne was meeting the needs of the students.

The only student present at any of the four open forums was senior Andy Velebil. He expressed disgust about the condition of the carpet in Brandt Hall and asked why a shower head on the second floor of Brandt that has been broken since last spring is still unrepaired.

“I’m disappointed that no one showed up. They all bitch to each other, but they don’t have the balls to show up and do something about it when they have a chance,” said Velebil.

However, ASF President Chris Braunstein is not discouraged. He said, “Student input is important and valuable. I don’t think that we shouldn’t try this again. Scott worked very hard on this and he did a good job. I just don’t understand why, if students are so upset about what ASF does, they don’t show up to say so when they have a chance.”

Merritt Beckett
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