Jazz Ensemble tunes up for concert

by Letty Fregoso
Staff Writer

Anyone hearing the beat of drums or the harmony of strings and horns near Founders Hall Auditorium is likely hearing the ULV Jazz Ensemble as it prepares for its fall concert.

The Ensemble, directed by Dr. Reed Gratz, professor of music, will perform on Nov. 27 at 8 p.m. The concert is free.

“This is a normal class and the Jazz Ensemble is just one of the ensembles offered to students,” said Dr. Gratz.

He said that the ensemble will include five University of La Verne students and two Bonita High School students. One of the Bonita students performed in the Jazz Ensemble last year and will return this year to play the drums.

The other high school student will be performing for the first time.

People will be able to hear the jazz tunes coming from junior Mario Lopez’s guitar, senior Suzanne Hamlin’s piano, freshman Anthony Loriso’s bass and the trombones of senior Alex Martinez and sophomore Rob Strauss.

“I’m used to doing the concert. I’ve been doing it for a long time,” said Strauss about the performance.

Dr. Gratz said that the difference in each of the concerts is in the individuals. “The individuals playing are all different and it comes out in the music.”

“There are three music majors in the Jazz Ensemble,” said Dr. Gratz. “It’s not for beginning players, they have to know how to play.”

Students who participate in the Jazz Ensemble must audition for Dr. Gratz before performing.

He said that the students will play the music of Horace Silver, Antonio Carlos Jobin, Joself Zawinul, Carlos Santana and others. Included in the program will be “Merci, Merci, Merci” by Zawinul and “Samba Pa Ti” by Santana.

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