Kline accepts new role as administrator

Fulfilling a long-term goal, Julie Kline expands her efforts in athletics administration as ULV’s new senior women’s administrator. / photo by Karen I. Argumedo
Fulfilling a long-term goal, Julie Kline expands her efforts in athletics administration as ULV’s new senior women’s administrator. / photo by Karen I. Argumedo

by Pattie Moreno
Staff Writer

Julie Kline, assistant professor of physical education, has been named Senior Women’s Administrator (SWA) at the University.

La Verne is the last school in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SCIAC) to hire an SWA, a position which was started by the National Collegiate Athletic Association two years ago. The position was created in order to give women’s sports a fair shake at universities and to ensure that women’s athletic needs were being met.

SWAs play different roles at their individual institutions, but since ULV has never had one, this is major progress in the Athletic Department. Kline will learn her role in on-the-job training.

“My career has come to a full circle; this is an exciting time for me,” said Kline.

The process of integrating Kline’s administrative position into the Athletic Department will be gradual. She will work closely with Jim Paschal, director of athletics, as a faculty athletics representative in various meetings and will probably alleviate some of Paschal’s workload.

Currently, there is no formal position description for senior women administrators, but Kline anticipates meeting with the other SWAs and submitting a formal position description to the NCAA.

Kline, in her fourth year of teaching, is also the head women’s basketball and softball coach.

Paschal said he chose Kline because athletics administration had always been one of her career goals, and she showed a strong interest in that area.

Paschal and Kline will have to build the foundation for this position because of its newness. One of the new programs in the Athletic Department that Kline is working on is the Student Athletic Council. The council consists of two representatives from each sport who will meet about once a month to form the committee.

As the University’s first SWA, Kline hopes to expand her focus from basketball and softball to the entire women’s athletic program. She will work into her position to learn how to benefit the University best in her new title.

“It will demand more time, but this is something that I enjoy,” said Kline.

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