ULV student attacked at local party

by Cherryl F. Cercado
Editorial Assistant
Christie Reed
Managing Editor

A fight and suspected gunfire left some hurt and others frightened at an off-campus party hosted by the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity on Sunday, Feb. 11, at approximately 1:45 a.m.

Among the men in the fight was Dan Fewx, ULV sophomore, who was attacked while leaving the party. Fewx is not a member of Delta Sigma Phi.

Fewx saw a group of men running in his direction and heard one of them say, “That’s him.” At the time Fewx was talking to four ULV women sitting in a parked car. Freshman Hilary Johnson said Fewx was standing outside the car when approximately 15 to 25 men attacked him.

A few of the men, while attacking Fewx, jumped on the car that Johnson was in and inflicted damage to the vehicle.

“It was pretty scary,” she said. “I don’t know who they were,” said Johnson. “None of them looked like La Verne students.”

“I don’t think anyone from ULV would do that,” said Fewx. “I got up. I was pretty pissed.”

According to Fewx, he was punched and kicked to the ground. He also said he did not know any of the attackers.

Freshman Ordell Williams was also in the area during the fight, and claims to have heard gunshots at around 1:30 or 1:40 a.m., just before the attack.

Williams saw a blue truck and soon afterwards, he heard what might have been gunshots or fireworks. Johnson also heard the alleged gunshots but also added that they “sounded like a backfire of a car.” Other students said they thought they heard fireworks.

Although shaken, Fewx sustained no major injuries. He is not sure of why he was targeted, however he ties this incident to a fight that broke out earlier in the evening when he stepped in to help break it up.

“It really isn’t their [Delta Sigma Phi] fault,” said Fewx, who felt that the problems erupted from the excess of people present. “Too many people from too many places can lead to too many problems.”

Inter Fraternity Sorority Council president and Delta Sigma Phi member, Tony Tong, refused to comment, as did other Delta Sigma Phi members. Mike Whipple, Delta Sigma Phi president, was unavailable to comment.

Cherryl F. Cercado, Editorial Assistant
Cherryl F. Cercado
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Christie Reed, Editor in Chief
Christie Reed
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