‘Fridays’ offer group reading

Library Fridays, an institution at the Wilson Library from 1977 to 1985, were revived last week. David Werner, associate professor of English, shared his favorite passages from “Einstein’s Dream” by Allen Lightman. Faculty, staff and students are invited every Friday to share a favorite story, listen or participate in discussion. / photo by Brian Murphy

by Laura Czingula
Staff Writer

Offering the opportunity to participate in group readings, La Verne’s Wilson Library has reinstituted a program called Library Fridays. Head librarian Dr. Marlin Heckman has organized this program, to be held every Friday from 3:30-4:30p.m.

Library Fridays are held in the Wilson Library’s front lounge and are open to all ULV staff and students.

The program started last Friday and will continue throughout the spring semester. The turnout for the first event was eight to nine people, which included both students and staff. David Werner, associate professor of English, read from “Einstein’s Dream” by Allen Lightman. The session lasted 45 minutes and according to library staff, Library Fridays will continue.

“Library Fridays is a way to share a love of reading and a love of spoken English,” said Werner. “It’s just nice to sit around and have a story read to you, like when we were children.”

Although readers are usually staff members and faculty who are chosen and known for their interest in books, volunteers are also invited to get involved.

The readers are asked to bring a special book of their choice, talk a little about themselves, read for about 15-20 minutes, discuss the book with others in the group and answer any questions that are asked.

“We think it will be an interesting time,” said Dr. Heckman. “We did this for 15 years and it was successful, but with the last two years we stopped because of our library location. Now that we have this wonderful new facility, I’m sure it will be successful again.”

In honor of National Library Week, there will be an all night read-in at the Wilson Library on Friday, April 19, beginning at 9 a.m.

The read-in will be much like Library Fridays, but it will last all night instead of one hour. Students and staff can sign up now to get involved with this activity by reading that night.

“This is our way of helping celebrate and participate in National Library Week,” said Dr. Heckman. “We want to let students and staff know that reading is important in life.”

Readers who volunteer will read for about 20-30 minutes and follow the same routine as Library Fridays.

“We don’t know who will be there or how many people will show up, but if only one reader and some library staff show up it will be successful,” said Dr. Heckman.

Available now are book markers with the National Library Week theme, ”Libraries Change Lives,” located in the Wilson Library. The read-in will be held in the Wilson Library seminar room.

Laura Czingula
Brian Murphy

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