Never settle for less

Heather Morales, Sports Editor

“Can you believe that she got a boob job for some dumb guy?”

“She must be crazy to stay with him when he treats her so bad.”

“She knows he’s wrong for her, but she wants him anyway.”

These are some of what millions of women across the country say or think on a daily basis. They all know that their mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and friends are seeing the wrong men, but if they were in the same situation, no matter how much they say “I would never do that,” many women do the very thing they say they would never do.

Ending up with the wrong man is not something that women strive for. It just happens more times than not. They get so sick of searching for “Mr. Perfect,” that they settle for “Mr. He’ll Do,” and they never find out if they could have found the right man.

For many women, the idea of dating and finding a love that will last a lifetime can get old. All they do is continue to find the one that they cannot stand but stay with because they believe “there is no one else out there.”

There are good men out there, but they just have not found them yet. This world is full of women who make the wrong choices, on their own, and then complain when things are not perfect.

Well, perfection rarely happens and when it does, everything is meant to be, and everything works together.

Even in this age when feminism is at a high point and women say that they do not need men in their lives, most women certainly do. They may be just trying to make themselves feel better about being without a man.

Women do not really need men to validate their lives or make them feel better about themselves, but everyone needs to love someone and someone to love them, by nature.

Women joke and say that men are good for one thing—great sex. That is a good quality in some men (the only one in others), but there has to be more to them than that. Women need to realize why they need men in their lives and make healthy choices about them.

Every woman deserves a good man to love and cherish her. She deserves respect and yes, at times, great sex, but at what lengths?

In what seems to be the never-ending search for that perfect man, women tend to do some of the stupidest things to hold on to him.

One woman had a crush on a guy, got together with him at a party and continued to like him afterwards even though he had shown interest in several other women.

This man is what many people call a “player.” He is interested in one thing only, and that is to “get with” as many women as possible. The woman wants to go out with him so much that she is willing to overlook this flaw. She knows all about his other women and she knows that he wants sex from her, even though she says that she will never sleep with him. Every day she says “Look at him, he’s so hot. I know he’s bad for me, but I don’t care.”

OK, so she cannot help being attracted to him, but most of her day is spent looking for this man, thinking about him or thinking of ways to get him to change his ways.

That will never happen. A big mistake that women make is thinking that they can change the man, and that is what keeps them in the relationship. Relationships based on that belief are doomed for failure.

Men will only change when it suits them, so getting them to change for someone else will only temporarily solve the problem.

The pain and suffering that women go through just to be noticed by some dumb man is stupid. Women should not have to go to the great lengths they do in order to find the perfect man.

They should stop searching for “Mr. Perfect,” stop settling for “Mr. He’ll Do,” and find “Mr. Just Right,” no matter how long it may take.

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