Fellowship Church presents festival

by Greg Maher
Staff Writer

Celebrating Jesus Christ, the Pomona Fellowship Church of the Brethren is sponsoring a mass choral festival, entitled “With Joy and Music,” tomorrow in Founders Auditorium at 7 p.m.

Participants in the choir festival come from the 39 churches of the Pacific Southwest District of the Church of Brethren. This region spans from San Diego to San Francisco to Arizona.

Participants will arrive in the area today and have the opportunity to both socialize and rehearse their musical selections.

The concert will be directed by Jonathan Shively, pastor of the Pomona Fellowship Church and a published composer. The accompanist will be Bernice Pence, a member of the La Verne Church of the Brethren.

“We would like to do it annually, so they will remember the name and say ‘Oh, it’s the Joy and Music concert,’” said Kim Shively, a “With Joy and Music” committee member.

Jonathan Shively is a writer and performer of contemporary music and has directed adult choirs in Illinois, Pennsylvania and California.

He sings, plays piano, keyboards, guitar and trombone, but his true passion is conducting.

Fliers were sent out to all the churches informing them of the concert. People who wanted to participate registered by filling out a portion of the flier and returning it.

“We wanted to get people to sing even if they aren’t already involved in a choir. It’s just an opportunity to participate in the concert,” said Shively. “It’s not a year-long commitment like in a church choir.”

“With Joy and Music” will include a great variety of devotional compositions, from lyrical contemporary to popular hymns.

Greg Maher
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