Much to be thankful for in 1996

Enedina Perez, Editorial Assistant

Most students have already taken all of their midterms this semester. This not only announces that the research paper’s due date is approaching rapidly, but also that Thanksgiving is here.

Since Thanksgiving is the University of La Verne’s first holiday of the school year, many people tend to look forward to this day.

The holiday offers residents, as well as other students, an opportunity to go home, a chance to spend quality time with their families, or just a small but convenient break to catch up on their sleep or school work.

The annual holiday, observed on the fourth Thursday of November, has always been celebrated as a day to give thanks in commemoration of the Pilgrims’ celebration of the good harvest in 1621.

Up to this date, it can be seen that Thanksgiving is still very much appreciated, and that its tradition is still being practiced.

A lot of people seem to be grateful for both the little and big things that they have in life.

Although many must have already thought about what they are thankful for, here is a list of 20 other things, which occurred from the time of last year’s Thanksgiving to this day, that may have slipped their minds:

1. A new, bigger, remodeled three-floor Wilson Library, which opened in spring, and eliminated the need for book requests.

2. The installation of new ULV student mailboxes in the Student Center.

3. Cappuccino being a new beverage offered in the Spot.

4. Carpet being installed in Brandt Hall, giving the dorm that much-needed homey touch.

5. A successful and fun Homecoming week.

6. Americans had the opportunity to exercise democracy by choosing their president for the next four years.

7. No major earthquakes in California – knock on wood.

8. A month of celebration. There is only one week left until Hanukkah, 28 days before Christmas, 33 days until the new year and just nine school days until the end of the semester.

9. The emergence of Matthew McConaughey.

10. The grand opening of the Ontario Mills mall.

11. The hope that, within the next month, Ontario Mills will not be as crowded.

12. New athletic recruits for ULV sports this semester.

13. “The X-Files” have been moved to Sunday nights, so no one has to give up their Fridays.

14. The opportunity to see a live-action Glenn Close in “101 Dalmatians” and an (almost) animated Michael Jordan in “Space Jam.”

15. “Martin” fans can now enjoy their favorite show twice a day on Channel 13.

16. Disneyland will be adding a new light parade in the spring of 1997 to replace the Main Street Electrical Parade.

17. ULV has implemented a program offering grants and counseling to first generation college students.

18. The Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity and College Republican Club have been brought to campus, giving business majors and Republicans a chance to congregate.

19. There have been full days where O.J. Simpson’s name has not even been mentioned in the media (except today).

20. The fact that, even though finals will soon be upon us, we have the opportunity to attend college, especially since only 1 percent of people worldwide are given that chance.

Enedina Perez, a junior journalism major, is editorial assistant of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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