Students still receiving wrong bills

Jolene Anderson / photo illustration by Rhidian Maehl
Jolene Anderson / photo illustration by Rhidian Maehl

by Bonnie H. Chuen
Staff Writer

Students at the University of La Verne are once again filing complaints against Campus Link, claiming they again have been billed falsely by the campus phone company.

“They are charging me for numbers I never called. Also, they are claiming that I did not pay my bill, so they are threatening to cut off my phone, but I’ve already paid,” said freshman Ryan Orr.

According to Marlene Milliman, national director of customer service at Campus Link, students should not be billed for local calls.

“The calls will still be itemized, but without charges,” said Milliman.

“I get billed for local calls, I get billed without using my pin code, and I got billed for calls I did not make,” said senior Eric Leavitt.

According to Milliman, students should not be billed through their extensions, instead, they should be billed through their pin codes, however, students are finding that they are being billed through their extensions instead.

“I get charged for every call that goes out of the room, whereas my roommate doesn’t,” said junior Dan Lougheed.

Campus Link received its information from an old data base supplied by the Office of Housing and Residential Life. This has caused students to be charged for local calls made from extensions in rooms they do not reside in.

“Aaron Carlin was supposed to be my roommate. I don’t know how he could be charged for the [local calls] made from our room,” said junior Andrew Nguyen.

“They shut down my pin three weeks ago, and I didn’t know why,” said Carlin. He was billed $435, some of which were local calls from Nguyen’s room.

“They have disconnected my pin number. I just got my bill for $15. They are claiming that I have a bill over the limit,” said senior Ivan Tircuit.

Another problem noted by some of the students is that other people’s pin numbers are very easy to figure out.

“The pin codes are very easy to figure out because the first number is a zero, and the last number is a nine,” said Leavitt.

According to Derek Vegara, director of housing and residential life, an updated database has been sent to Campus Link so that wrongful billing will no longer occur.

“We have worked ferociously to get this fixed. We at campus housing have done everything to try and rectify the situation. I’m still very hopeful that Campus Link will work out,” said Vegara.

Bonnie H. Chuen
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Rhidian Maehl
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