Alpha Chi society welcomes 68 new members

by Aaron Kiel
Staff Writer

Through its California Theta chapter, Alpha Chi, the national honors society, inducted 68 students as new members Tuesday night in La Fetra Auditorium.

The society admits juniors and seniors from all academic disciplines who rank in the upper 10 percent of their classes. There is a $35 membership fee, which goes toward a membership pin and certificate.

“If a student gets straight As, there should be a special moment when we pay tribute to that student,” said Dr. Andrea Labinger, professor of Spanish and adviser of the University of La Verne’s Alpha Chi chapter.

The society, whose purpose is to promote academic excellence and character among students, has been at ULV since fall 1993.

One student inducted Tuesday was junior Wendy Lau. Maintaining a 3.8 grade point average is simply a matter of time-management for Lau, who transferred to ULV from UC Irvine.

“When I transferred here I knew I had to get my act together,” said Lau.

Also inducted into the Alpha Chi society were Ilitsa Anagnou, Ivan Ayro, Rosalinda Barajas, Marie Barham, Michael Berry, Nader Beshay, Marcia Boyd, Roseann Boyd, Thea Carlson, Stephanie Cook, Amy Coppage, Janie Corn, Leonard DeLeon, Natalie Dorrell, Kristen Dow, Charles Drake, Joan Erikson, Stefanie Farry, Margo Fiorito, Lenora Forsen, Eike Frielinghhus, Fabian Garcia, Jerome Garcia, John Garner, Kent Grossman, Clark Hannah, Nicole Hendrich, Tanya Jean Ison, Gloria Jordan, Anna Karakalos, Anesti Kashta, Charlotte Klinock, Beverly LeBus, Luis Lua, Chawnie Luber, Georgia Martin, Heather McNall, Michael Medford, Ana Navarro, Evgenia Nazentiadou, Andrew Nguyen, Robert Northrop, Susan O’Donnell, Catherine Ogitani, Stephanie Osborne, SeLina Pierce, Kevin Piper, Sandra Portaro, Bill Purcell, Karen Faye Ramos, Denise Rice, Tiffany Riley, Yvonne Robles, Erik Sawiak, Sharon Seitz, Clifton Shelby, Mary Signer, Julia Slininger, William Smith, Elaine Sommer, Rob Strauss, Rocio Toscano, Karreen Vargo, Pamela Vees, Beatrice Walker, Elaine Pepe Williams and David Wingfield.

“I’m excited about it,” said Lau, who hopes to build a career in entertainment law. “I’m really glad. I knew I had to get my act together to get into law school. My parents are proud but it’s something they expect. So, I expect it of myself.”

According to Dr. Labinger, the program is an honor for the students.

“It’s something you can put on your resume,” Dr. Labinger said.

She also said that many jobs with the federal government will appoint an Alpha Chi member to two steps higher than the average person who is hired.

According to Dr. Labinger, athletics, community service and numerous other achievements are celebrated, so it is only natural to honor academics.

“Ideally, we should all want to study and learn because it’s a worthwhile endeavor. But, once in a while I think it’s nice for the world to stand up and take notice and say, ‘This is an outstanding student,'” she said.

Aaron Kiel
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