Spring break trip to San Felipe cancelled

by Heather Morales
Staff Writer

It was supposed to be a time when students could to get away and relax for a few days and forget about the pressures of classes.

San Felipe, Mexico, sounded like a good place to go for some students of the University of La Verne, but due to poor planning by L.A. Ski and Sun Tours (LASST), organizers of the trip, the group of La Verne students that was planning to go now has to find somewhere else to spend its spring break week.

Anyone who was interested in the four day trip to Mexico was asked to deposit $50 and pay the remainder of the balance by March 3. Four days before the trip was to begin, students found out that the trip was over booked and sold out.

A letter was sent by the company to the participants along with a full refund.

Junior Jennifer Pashone was planning to go on the trip with some friends when they found out they would be unable to go.

“We had to call them [LASST] to find out because we hadn’t received our conformation yet,” said Pashone.

In the terms and conditions that were set, LASST stated that if a participant was going to cancel, they had to do so in writing before Feb. 1 in order to receive a refund but LASST only gave the La Verne students a few days notice that their trip was cancelled.

“I’m really disappointed because they only let us know four days before we were supposed to leave,” said Pashone. “Now we’re stuck without a place to go.”

Senior Tony Tong, who was the campus representative for LASST, offered no comment about the cancellation.

A representative from LASST was unavailable for comment but a message on the company’s answering machine stated “Due to the high volume of final payments received for after the graduation program and spring break program we’re closed this week Monday thru Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time to process all of those payments.”

Jennifer Parsons also contributed to this story.

Heather Morales

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