Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The intent of this letter is not to influence Raechel Fittante [“Greek loyalty misdirected,” April 25] or Todd Buck [“Letter to the Editor,” April 25]. It is to address the issues presented regarding the Greek community in their column and letter to the editor, respectively.

We congratulate Raechel and her parents for raising her as a “strong individual.” However, we also congratulate the 50 active sisters of our sorority whose individuality and diversity help create and foster this University’s Mission Statement. Simply because we have joined a sorority does not entitle anyone to label us as followers, to question our leadership skills or to judge our so-called needs of acceptance.

We are not proud of the past week’s events, but to say that the “brotherhood” and “sisterhood” of ULV Greeks “tarnishes the reputation of this institution” is a blatant statement that undermines the accomplishments of Greeks. Greeks have consistently received the top leadership and academic awards on campus, while maintaining GPAs higher than that of the whole University.

Furthermore, every Greek organization on campus has contributed positively to our society.

As a publication, we fully understand that the Campus Times has a duty to cover all incidents. While it is true the Campus Times has indeed covered Greek philanthropies, we have yet to read an editorial, column or letter to the editor praising these events. We do not emphasize our accomplishments to gain recognition, but to shed a new perspective on the Greek community. With or without praise, these projects will quietly continue to prosper.

Cherryl F. Cercado
Shannon M. McCrea


Dear Editor,

As a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, I would like to express my displeasure with the column, “Greek loyalty misdirected” [April 25].

Rachel Fittante’s problem lies in her lack of information of recent events. The “drunk guys” who were “acting out” at a bowling alley were not supported “en masse.” If they were, why would IFSC revoke their membership? It is also “pathetic” when I feel that the “ill-spirited pranksters” that have repeatedly harassed my own organization must be defended. For all Fittante knows, Delta Sigma Phi could have “true friendships for life” or even the strongest brotherhood on this campus. Also, if the Greeks thought “hyped-up competition” was done in the “spirit of pettiness,” why would anybody bother with it?

Fittante goes on to ask, “What happened to individualism?”Here is a secret-Greeks thrive on individualism. They have for over 150 years. The notion that we can’t think for ourselves, or stray from the “loyalties of the group” is ignorant and offensive.

Finally, Fittante is hypocritical when she refers to Greek life as “this sacred system of cardboard friendships held together by money and elitist pretension.” Last time I checked, Raechel Fittante was attending a school that costs roughly $22,000 a year. That is pretentious and elitist in itself. As far as “cardboard friendships” are concerned, it’s pretty easy to make assessments when you’re on the outside looking in. I suggest that you rush next semester to see what a fabulous opportunity Greek life can be, but I don’t think anybody would want you.

Jeremy M. Infranca


Dear Editor,

“Greek letters torched, stolen on ULV campus” [April 25] is newsworthy, but when other organizations are consistently targeted by vandalism, there is no mention of it in the paper. I wrote a letter in February describing how several posters of my production of Kate Bornstein’s play, “Hidden: A Gender,” were vandalized, including one burned on the wall in the Oaks; the event was co-sponsored by the Department of Theatre Arts and the Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Student Union. The paper took no action. At least on one occasion this semester, banners put up by the GLBSU have been defaced, vandalized and/or torn down. Still, the paper took no action. I am sure that the Campus Times could claim that they did not know about these events, but it is also very likely that the Campus Times has trained itself not to believe that these issues exist. This inaction clearly shows the heterocentric bias of the Campus Times, and needs to be called. I guess a public hate crime is not an issue unless the event happens to a Greek organization. There are seven articles in the April 25, 1997, issue of the Campus Times dealing with Greeks. When was the last article written about any GLBT issue? Why is that so?

When a Greek “man” says, “They burned our letters down, why wouldn’t they do something else?” everyone pays attention. When a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered individual says they same thing he/she is expected to grin and bear it.

Mark E. Pietrzak
Technical Director, Dailey Theatre
Via Internet

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