Senior art takes center stage at ULV

by Katrina Hall
Staff Writer

“Good art is not meant to answer questions but to impose questions and engage emotion and thought,” said George Stone, associate professor of art.

Five of the six senior art majors will present their senior art thesis exhibits. Jamie Bigornia presented his thesis exhibition Wednesday, May 14, in front of a large amount of spectators.

The thesis, titled “Discomfort” was a fashion presentation, which presented nine models, some nude on and off during the show. It was shown Wednesday because his art was a performance that needed a lot of space.

“It was a unique experience, quite different from anything I have ever done,” said senior theater major Stacey Williams, one of models in the show. “I admire Jamie for his ambition and his tireless perseverance. I think he is a vastly talented artist and will do well in any venue he chooses to apply himself to.”

“It made me uncomfortable at first and my hope was the audience would feel our discomfort and notice that they were uncomfortable with our discomfort,” said senior Rose Newell, another model and organizational management major. “I don’t know why he [Bigornia] picked this topic but he needed to achieve his goals.”

“I thought it was great and he worked hard on it,” said Trotter of Bigornia’s art thesis exhibition. “It was very exciting to see the performance and it was great to see a large student body show up. We are very proud of him.”

The other five seniors will display their talent Monday, May 19, at the Harris Art Gallery, with a reception from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“Each student develops an idea and put it in paintings or art installation,” said Ruth Trotter, chair of the Art Department.

Darcee M. Golden is one of the seniors to display her art thesis exhibition. She will display installation work. It is a combination of interest in sculpture and photography as a median. It is also an exploration of dreams versus reality.

Sergeant Rock Ishikawa is doing a series of paintings that is a cross between cartoon and illustration.

“The paintings started out as self portraits of an alter-ego developing into a character.,” said Stone.

Among some of the paintings of Ishikawa are a genocidal bunny which is a self-portrait resembling the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Another painting is a suicidal bunny who is smoking. It is Ishikawa’s way of saying those people who smoke are actually slowly committing suicide.

“It is called avant-garde which is a term that describes radical new for such art work,” said Trotter. “It is a french term for an artist who is before their time. They make new art that people have never seen and don’t understand.”

Annette Keane developed a design on the ULV campus which will be displayed in the gallery all week. Her design is a mockette-miniature (fake) sculpture work designed for the campus. She had to research it by getting blueprints of the campus, priced it out from professional fabricators and present it in a package.

Doing a mock catalog describing contemporary art is what Debbie Lee is doing her art thesis exhibition on. “She is doing an extended thesis because she became more interested in work from contemporary artists,” said Stone.

It will be as if she was doing a real catalog but she will get all her information from other contemporary artists and cut out things from other catalogs that will be displayed in the Gallery.

The sixth senior to display art work is Kelly Thompson.

“Her goal is to be a nature illustrator and her project was to develop individual paintings,” said Stone.

Her different paintings will deal with things of nature.

“I think they worked real hard and they did a good job putting their senior projects together,” said Stephanie Lesniak, a sophomore art major emphasizing in illustration art.

“They (students) worked really hard and deserve a lot of applause for their efforts,” said Stone. “I’m demanding and push them hard. My expectations are high.”

Each and every one of them filled the expectations successfully, according to Stone.

All of the art thesis exhibitions will be displayed at the Harris Art Gallery the week of May 19 to the 25.

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