Club Fair offers taste of campus life

by Alicia Gibson
Staff Writer

In the Quad yesterday, on-campus clubs gathered to showcase and recruit for their organizations at the fall Club Fair.

“The Club Fair is usually very successful,” said Melissa Jaunal, student programs coordinator.

According to Jaunal, the Club Fair became a part of ULV tradition when she helped to introduce the idea to the University.

“It made sense to have some sort of an event for students to see what clubs were available, and for clubs to showcase themselves to the campus at large,” said Jaunal.

A variety of clubs participated in Club Fair this year, with on-campus programs taking part in the celebration as well. The Greek system has been a huge participant in the Club Fair, and often finds much success in the school-wide event.

Junior Dyane Galindo, scholarship chair of Sigma Kappa, said, “Our main objective is to interest girls in sorority life, answer questions about sororities, and share our history and goals.”

Besides the Greeks, many other clubs and organizations participated. They included Le French Club, Lambda, Campus Safety and Transportation, Latino Student Forum, Behavioral Science Club, Campus Ministry, Circle K, Afrikan American Student Alliance, Orientation Week Leaders (OWLs), Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program, the American Marketing Association and International Student Organization (ISO).

“We try to hand out flyers, but we have been here for five years and not many people know about us, so we need to publicize ourselves,” said Guchi Sakaguchi, a senior and third year member of ISO.

Club Fair is a place for all of the organizations to promote their clubs and express what they have to offer.

“It is interesting to see all of the different clubs on campus,”said sophomore Angela Mlinarevic.

Overall, from what was overheard in students’ conversations, this year’s Club Fair seemed to be quite a success and assistance for many.

Sophomore Dylan Taylor, a transfer student majoring in child development, said, “It influenced me and showed me what I can do on-campus besides getting involved in student government and sports.”

Although the Club Fair has officially ended, opportunities for club or program involvement are still available.

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