Course inspires writers

by Alicia Gibson
Staff Writer

A script writing class, on Wednesday nights from 6:30-10 p.m., is being offered this semester to aid students who hope to go into broadcasting or theater, and students find it very interesting.

“I am learning a lot, it teaches you technical ways to write a plot and creative ideas,” said Morgan Coberly, a senior broadcast major who is taking the class.

“If you want to write plays or movies, it is a great class to take,” said Coberly.

Sean Dillon, a 1987 ULV theater graduate teaches the course and his main objective is to help students become better writers. Dillon was hired by the Theatre Arts Department.

Several different writing styles will be taught, but there is room for flexibility for the students to focus on their specific areas of interest.

“Not only is it learning how to format and write screenplays, but also analyzing examples such as major motion pictures to help you improve in your own style,” said senior broadcast major Shar Preece.

The students are required to write three scripts throughout the semester. The group then discusses the scripts in class and gives feedback to the authors.

The students will chose their favorite style for their end-of-the-semester project which has to be a minimum of 30 pages.

Dillon has been teaching off and on for the past seven years. He has also taught at Purdue University, and previously participated extensively in past theater projects.

“Dillon is very knowledgeable in the field, he has very good insights and tells us what we need to know to be successful screenwriters,” said Coberly.

Dillon works days for Universal Pictures and has many other ongoing projects. He only works part time, but loves the classroom experience.

“I love teaching, it is the most important profession,” said Dillon.

Alicia Gibson
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