University to improve lighting

by Katrina Hall
Staff Writer

The students of the University may feel more secure on campus by February 1998 with better lighting around the campus and the residence halls.

The Physical Improvements Committee, part of the Associated Student Federation (ASF) Forum, and ULV Maintenance are paying to have two new light poles installed along the Ben Hines Field and Wilson Library parking lot, replace two light fixtures up the stairs in front of the Student Center, and install one new light pole between Dailey Theatre and Founders Hall.

“We checked to see where the highest crimes are to see where to put the lights,” said Elizabeth Contreras, ASF vice president.

“Lights are always relative, but when one area is lit, another area is then in need of more light,” said Brian Worley, director of facilities and management.

A vacant lot adjacent to the soon-to-be Education Building near the Oaks residence hall will be turned into a parking lot and lighting will be added then.

“From my understanding, there were some complaints from students last year about the campus being dark,” said Michael Morrow, committee chair. “ASF felt that it was one way to handle the problem.”

Each light pole would cost a little more than $2,000. Lighting fixtures are also $2,000 each and installation and wire connection of the light poles will cost $2,000.

A total of five light poles and fixtures will be installed for a total of $18,000. ASF and Maintenance will split the cost in half.

“Physical improvement have $5,000 budgeted and will ask for $4,000 from ASF,” said Morrow.

Once ASF meets with the Physical Improvement Committee this week and completes the paperwork and write the checks, they will give Worley the go-ahead and he will order everything needed.

“If it’s approved, it will be a six- to eight-week project and should be ready by February 1998,” said Dan Lougheed, ASF president.

“Lighting generally helps students feel secure, but you should always be alert at night regardless of the light,” said Worley.

“We have to check into quad lighting and Worley is getting a bid from the electrical company,” said Contreras.

The standing committee also expects to have the Student Center gym floor and the air conditioning in Founders Auditorium replaced.

These projects have not been presented to ASF yet. Timing is preventing a date from being set at the moment.

“Mike has done a great job working on getting this done that we’ve been talking about forever,” said Lougheed.

Morrow was assigned the project a few weeks ago.

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