Contractors put halt to renovation

by Danny Eckardt
Staff Writer

Although many students may not be aware of it, the Spot, an Aramark Food Services snack bar located in the Student Center, did not undergo planned renovations this summer.

The Spot was scheduled to have been completely renovated by the start of the fall semester, but fell short due to contracting difficulties.

“The primary reason is that we had delays with the architecture,” said Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Loretta Rahmani. “We started the process prior to Nov. 14 [1997], because the contractor with the architect was signed on Nov. 14.”

Brian Worley, director of plan operations, and Scott Wright, Aramark district manager, were in charge of contracting, but the Litzinger Associates Architecture Company continued to “drop the ball” with the architecture plans according to Dr. Rahmani. Plans were due by the beginning of May in order for renovations to begin June 15.

Plans to begin renovations have been pushed to the winter break at the end of the fall semester, at which time Davenport Dining Hall will assume all responsibility for providing on-campus food services.

The remodeling was to increase seating, speed up flow of traffic and bring more variety to the food selection.

Since the Spot will be closed for the entire January interterm session, Davenport Manager Armen Ananian and Aramark have decided to add a bonus $15 onto the current 12, 14, and 19 meal plans.

In the interest of the students, Davenport Dining Hall hours will be extended an extra half an hour for lunch and dinner during the renovation period.

“We were planning to extend the hours of the dining room so that we won’t be an inconvenience for the students,” said Ananian.

During the extended hours, breakfast will be from 7-10 a.m., continental breakfast from 10-10:30 a.m., lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and dinner from 4:45-6:30 p.m.

“We felt we wanted to give the students something for not having the Spot renovated when they came back, which we promised,” said Dr. Rahmani. “So we thought it was appropriate to put an additional $15 in their meal plans for the fall semester.”

In addition, Davenport will offer sack-lunch pick-ups at anytime during the day with a 24-hour notice.

The additional $15 cash bonus added to the 12, 14 and 19 meal plans does not affect the commuter cash card holders, who already have a deal of their own.

“We are looking forward to it [reconstructions end] so we can service the students better and give them more variety, especially for our commuter students,” said Ananian.

“We want to build the place and make it modern looking for our political department when they bring their recruits in.”

The final cost of renovations has not been settled, because bids for the construction company have not yet been completed.

Journalism operations manager at the University of La Verne. Production manager and business manager of the Campus Times.

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