La Verne men have no answers in loss to Hawks

La Verne defender Lance Pico (#8) and  Christian Heritages's Jarod Johnson (#12) collide during the first half of play at La Verne on Wednesday night. La Verne's Mike Campopiano (#10) and  Christian Heritage's Leo Pineda (#6) look on. La Verne lost the game, 1-0. / photo by Ian Gratz
La Verne defender Lance Pico (#8) and  Christian Heritages’s Jarod Johnson (#12) collide during the first half of play at La Verne on Wednesday night. La Verne’s Mike Campopiano (#10) and  Christian Heritage’s Leo Pineda (#6) look on. La Verne lost the game, 1-0. / photo by Ian Gratz

by Michael Anklin
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne men’s soccer team came up a goal short in its preseason loss against the Christian Heritage College Hawks on Wednesday.

The Leopards, who lost 1-0, started out strong and had more than one chance to score in the first 20 minutes. Junior forward Mike Campopiano got dangerously close to the goal on several occasions.

The Hawks’ goal keeper, however, had the situation under control. Four of the Leopards six shots on goal were pulled in by the Hawks keeper or were too high.

“I would say the first 10 minutes we came out pretty strong,” Campopiano said, “and then they basically kicked our butt until right about when they scored. That’s when we started playing because we didn’t want to lose.”

The man who scored the goal in the 37th minute of the second half was Hawks forward Jason Aldous.

“I just got the ball,” Aldous said, “and I got lucky and [put] it in.”

For the Hawks, it was a special day. They had come straight to the game from a funeral, because one of their team members, Carlos Calderon, mother had died.

“We’ve been kind of down, we haven’t really been playing to our full potential,”said Mark King, the Hawks right forward. He said it was because they were playing without Calderon, who King considered one of their best players.

Still, the Hawks got 15 shots at the Leopards’ goal. Nine of those shots were held by the Leopards senior goal keeper Jon Tunstall.

“It was a battle,” Hawks head coach Gary Macintosh II said. “Both teams played at a good level — we just got the goal. Both teams played real tough. It was a good match.”

“This whole game we didn’t play the way we should have,” Mike Collins, ULV head coach, said. “There are a lot of things we can learn from this match. We’ll see what kind of team we are if we can come back and if can learn from these mistakes.”

The team’s next match is tomorrow against Occidental at home at 11 a.m.

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