Music Review: Surfers surprisingly superb

by Jennifer Parsons
Editor in Chief

Initial reaction to seeing basketball star Dennis Rodman or singer Jon Bon Jovi on the big screen is laughter. Same goes for actors making a crack at singing. So, what other response is expected toward three professional surfers producing an album?

The new band The Surfers prove, with their debut album “Songs From The Pipe,” that they were not just using the name-to-fame approach in signing a deal with Epic Records.

Kelly Slater, five-time world champion surfer; Rob Machado, who finished second in 1997 and is known for his beautiful sense of style in the water; and Peter King, retired surfer working on surf films and videos and producer of MTV programs such as “Sand Blast” and “MTV Sports” make up the Surfers.

These three longtime friends and fellow professionals began with periodic jam sessions and gigs at house parties. Each winter, they would gather at Pipeline on Hawaii’s North Shore to celebrate the sport and culture that binds them together-surfing.

“Songs From The Pipe,” produced by T-Bone Burnett, is mellow and relaxing and conjures up images of white sand beaches on a tropical island.

The lyrics, all written by the artists, could only have been created during moments of pondering life’s most unanswerable questions. They are accompanied by smooth, soft, harmonic tunes that the artists must have produced in Waikiki while hula dancers swayed to it.

Attributed to the release, Slater said “The album is very different from anything out right now in that it’s mellow even in the faster songs. I think people were expecting punk rock or something, but we decided to go the other way.”

Bringing their act on the road with a successful national tour this summer, the Surfers opened for Pearl Jam and Rancid.

Look for their debut album in local music stores.

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