Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Araceli Esparza’s article concerning the dismissal of part-time Spanish professor Paul Zarna [“Instructor’s dismissal sparks protest,” March 19] reminded me of the Gulf War protestations of the press that General Schwarzkopf would not answer every question. Sometimes, you just have to trust that the government (in this case, the faculty) is doing what is best for you. More details are not always in your best interest.

I got the impression from the article that the students did not feel that Dr. Lavatori was forthcoming regarding the reasons for the dismissal of Mr. Zarna. As an outsider who teaches in the School of Business, I understand and sympathize with the administration. They are not always free to talk about the issues, and the Campus Times should understand that. The faculty are not trying to hide information from the students; indeed, they are trying every day to give our students the best education possible.

I also sympathize with the students (having been one myself in the “olden days.”) I just ask that they trust someone who says “I’m not free to talk about that.” True journalism respects the reasons for full information before jumping to conclusions.

Dr. Janis Dietz
Associate Professor of Business Administration
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