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Students really do not care

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In the past, La Verne has organized daily events that take place during specific weeks. It is surprising, however, that these events continue to take place when student participation keeps decreasing.

Perhaps, it is because students continuously complain that there are no events at the University. Or rather, it is because event organizers feel it is an integral part of students’ education to receive additional guidance through such events.

Whatever the reason, apathetic Leopards are missing out on the entire college experience. Similar to large campuses, La Verne has hosted programs, discussions, lectures and even political manifestations that may intrigue students’ minds and help them to develop outside of the classroom.

Unfortunately, there are not enough students interested to make a significant impact on this campus.

Last week is a perfect example of student interest, or lack thereof. Earth Week came and went with only minimal attendance that, at some points, was an embarrassment. In retrospect, the entire week would have been a complete success if people actually took a small interest. But, like other things on campus, it was ignored.

It is not to say students need to put their daily schedule aside for these events. On the contrary, if enough students put aside a few minutes of their time to support campus events, less time from each student would be necessary in making an impact.

“It sucks,” said freshman Katy Stanton in regard to general school apathy. “No one goes to anything. And, if there are people, there are like maybe 10.”

Although some of the blame has been put on lack of advertisement, this year that has been disproven. Organizations have done more advertising than in past years, and to no avail.

The Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum, for example, did its part by hanging huge posters advertising “A Night in Cancun.” And, by miracle of miracles, it worked. The formal was not cancelled because the required minimum number of students attended.

Which emphasizes the point; if students show interest, events may be better organized, advertised and continue to occur, even get better with a wider selection. However, if student apathy continues on this path, students can kiss away future events for which as students, they have already paid.

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