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Hearing required for lights

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by Danny Craig
Staff Writer

After receiving notice for a public hearing to approve the construction of field lighting for the University of La Verne’s Ortmayer Stadium a week ago, head football coach Don Morel has remained confident that the Athletic Department’s proposed addition will pass.

“We’ll let the chips fall where they may,” said Morel, commenting on the future of the $30,000 project.

Morel has anticipated the addition of lights, which would allow him to delay practices and have more players attend.

The date of the city hearing has yet to be announced.

“I have yet to hold a practice with all of my players there,” said Morel, explaining that schedule conflicts have been a peaking problem this year with his team.

Because the proposed lighting is not significant enough to hold night games, Morel reaffirmed that the facility adjustments would only be intended for practices.

“I think that college football was meant to be played during the daytime,” he said.

Having confidence in the reasoning behind the request, Morel expressed little concern toward the hearing.

“I think the city of La Verne is just trying to do the politically correct thing,” said Morel.

La Verne Community Development Director Hal Fredericksen shared Morel’s optimism.

Fredericksen said the hearing is mainly spurred by concerns from residents over previous lighting proposals.

Recognizing the utility of the lights to Athletics, Fredericksen said, “We want to find a plan that is good for the University, good for the city, and good for the residents. That might sound optimistic, but I think we can make it work.”

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