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Law college relocates in seeking ABA accreditation

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by Leslie M. Estrada
Staff Writer

University of La Verne’s College of Law is currently undergoing a project of relocating its facility off the main campus.

Ever since 1970 when the College of Law was founded, discussion of moving the was considered because of its size and location. The Board of Trustees has made a move toward seeing ULV’s College of Law accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) in order to receive a more prestigious recognition.

“We want to be able to increase the amount of law students, and for that we need to double the occupancy amount to 120,000 square feet,” said Kenneth Held, dean and professor of law. “Not only will the move be more efficient for law students, but for the University as well.”

As of yet, the project has not been finalized. The Board of Trustees as well as ULV administration has found a potential location that is able to accommodate the new College of Law.

“If the plan goes through, then the new site for the law building will be in the city of Ontario,” said Held.

The new building being considered by ULV was by previously occupied county offices for the city of Ontario, off of Euclid and D Street. In addition to the good size of 120,000 square feet, it also is located adjacent to the Ontario Civic Center and City Hall.

“Nothing is set in stone until an agreement has been signed with the Board of Trustees and the city council of Ontario, and ULV,” said Held.

The school has been on the main campus since the opening of ULV. With four classrooms, a conference room, and a law library with approximately 125,000 books and resources. Limited space for students at the school is an issue which must be prioritized.

The relocation project is being handled by the implementation committee as well as the Board of Trustees. Those who are involved with the law school procedures include Ben Harris, former chairman Steve Martin, Dennis Alekel, Board of Trustee member, Executive Vice President Phil Hawkey, and Bill Cook, vice president of academic affairs.

“We are very excited about the prospect of moving,” said Held.

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