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Ashland offers idyllic setting

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by Angelique B. D’Silva
Staff Writer

A week of fun, culture and excitement best characterizes the annual Ashland Shakespeare Festival.

“Mix exemplary theater experiences with lectures, music, dance, sports and sightseeing. Add our diverse group in that idyllic setting, and ‘it’ happens!” said Dr. Rhoda Kachuck, professor of English.

She has been taking students, alumni and people from the community to Ashland, Ore., for 21 years. It is a trip that people enjoy going to and have made it into a tradition.

This trip is not only for English majors, but also for anyone interested.

The Ashland Shakespeare Festival takes place on July 1-July 9, 2000. It will consist of seeing nine plays in nine days. A few of the plays include “Hamlet” and “Henry V” by William Shakespeare; “Force of Nature” by Steven Dietz; “The Man Who Came to Dinner” by George F. Kaufman and Moss Hart; and “Stop Kiss” by Diana Son.

The trip not only entails going to plays, but participants will also enjoy park talks, picnics, potlucks, rogue river rafting, story tours and cabaret. The trip, according to Dr. Kachuck, is not only to learn and broaden one’s horizon but also to relax and get away from it all.

People from many realms of the ULV community and La Verne participate. It gives one a chance to experience a world unknown to many, and see what it has to offer. This trip is an opportunity to discuss the plays in a calm setting. It gives everyone a different perspective and or outlook of how each person interpreted the plays.

“The trip transcended my most fantastic expectation,” said Andre F. Bourque, ULV alumnus ’99.

“The energy, excitement and emotional intensity have been exhilarating,” states Dr. Valerie Jordan, ULV professor of psychology.

There are still 10 spaces left for the trip. ULV students also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships. Students can go on this trip and take it from zero to four units.

Units may be taken during the spring semester to allow students to include registration fees among regular tuition. Lodging, tickets and all events will cost $625 total for double occupancy or $715 for single occupancy. The initial payment installment is due March 15. The deadline for the final payment is May 15.

If taking either spring or summer course for credit participants must pay for registration. If not taking the course for credit, the fee is $145. Those taking it for credit will complete a paper to be submitted in increments and the final paper will be due in the fall semester.

Travel accommodations will be based upon the preference of the participants.

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