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Damien Alarcon, Editor in Chief

Damien Alarcon, Editor in Chief

Attention: the University of La Verne’s debate team recently placed second at the World Debate Championship in Australia. The duo of senior Justin Jones-Rodriguez and junior Sean Krispinsky is the second best team IN THE WORLD!

This is the second attempt by a Campus Times member to inform the general community about the incredible accomplishment that will be remembered for years to come. But, as it seems, hardly anyone cares.

But this is not the first time that such a case has occurred.

Last year, the men’s volleyball team won the Molten Division III National Championship title. Many were happy for the team, but nothing was really done to show team members any gratitude or appreciation for helping the institution become recognized outside of the La Verne spectrum.

The Athletic Department did, however, provide video footage of the championship match for the ULV community to see last year in the theater. Food and drinks were even served as an extra incentive for all to come. But the majority of those in attendance were members of the volleyball team.

When the UCLA men’s basketball team won the NCAA National Championship five years ago, the school went into absolute mayhem and partied like there was no tomorrow.

I am not saying that we should riot and get the police involved, but a party sponsored by the school in honor of teams that perform extraordinary feats would be nice.

Thank goodness the volleyball players threw their own victory celebration. Otherwise, I would have baked them a cake or done something else for their much-deserved victory.

When milestones like those of the debate team are accomplished, students and alumni need to give more attention and recognition to those participants.

I hope people did not come to ULV strictly because it offers specific majors. If some people did, those persons should acquire a love for the school and its people.

Pride should be carried within members of this University. When people are doing things that make this school stand out and gain respect from others, they are also making us look admirable through their representation.

The debate team was the only non-Ivy League school to qualify for the semifinals at the tournament. Yale, Harvard, Brown, Dartmouth, Princeton and Columbia could not compete with the University of La Verne. Damn, that sounds good, considering the Ivy League is probably the most prestigious and academically-inclined group of schools in the nation and world.

“I just hope that this will lead to future recognition,” said Krispinsky. With this accomplishment, he said that the team is “just shooting for awareness.”

Sean, stop being modest. Something else would be more suitable and well deserved. Feats such as this are very rare and do not happen often.

Coaches impound athletic teams with having pride for the team and for the school. Why should this pride in the school even exist in an athlete or debater’s mind if no one else has pride for the school?

I am not insisting, nor am I going to the extreme of saying that no one has pride in our school. But people need to show more enthusiasm in its accomplishments.

It is not everyday that major accomplishments outside the realm of the classroom, both nationally and across the world are achieved, but there needs to be some recognition.

After all, it is not every day that you can be ranked as one of the best in anything. If I was, nationally, the top-ranked contender in marbles or Go Fish, that is a major accomplishment. To be one of the best in anything is something that should bring celebration.

But I apologize to the debate team about the baking-a-cake thing mentioned as a gift to the volleyball team. I did not mean to slight them. To be honest, I cannot even bake or cook.

Damien Alarcon, a senior journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times. He can be reached by e-mail at

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