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Bojcic theater director of endless possibilities

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by Angelique B. D’Silva
Staff Writer

Ivica Bojcic is a man of many facades. He is mysterious man who brings life to the world of theater. A man open to the world of endless possibilities.

Bojcic is the youngest of three brothers, who grew up in Croatia. He received his bachelor’s of arts degree in economics, and later pursued a degree in theater directing in Croatia. He now attends the University of La Verne as a graduate student, under the master’s of business administration program. His affiliation with the Theater Department is that he is in charge of recruiting and public relations director.

Now some might wonder what a business man is doing in the field of theater. Bojcic believes that these two different fields coincide. They coincide because as a director in the field, he looks at the play as a project for him to mold and execute with great pride.

Recently Bojcic directed the play “Beirut” which played last Friday and Saturday in Dailey Theatre.

As a director he has to make sure everything is intact; costumes, lighting and understanding the entirety of the play, so that he is able to guide his actors and help them to evoke the feelings that need to be portrayed. Bojcic as a director has the biggest task.

Directing is a very young and new profession to him. As a director, Bojcic has to be the director and audience, at the same time. Learning to be a director is a tutorial way of teaching. As an apprentice to a director, Bojcic, or anyone, works on a certain project, sets up the ideas and prepares to defend one own’s idea. The problem or the downfall one can say is that, as a director unfortunately one does not receive the credit.

A director is always behind the scenes, and people tend to forget or not even realize all the work that a director has to put in, to make the play a success.

Bojcic is fascinated in directing controversial plays. He enjoys plays where his audience is able to think. He likes putting on plays that leave his audience in a state of ambiguity. He does not believe in giving the right or wrong answers.

In Croatia, where he pursued his theatre directing degree, he was not given the opportunity to explore modern plays but instead re-enact classical plays. Although Croatia is heading toward a government of democracy, “the infrastructure of the theater is still under the influence of the government,” Bojcic said. People do not want to upset the government who is supporting them.

All in all, Bojcic plans to open up a theater company with a friend, in the future. He has many interest which opens up many doors for him. He is a success because he appreciates and understands the importance of other people’s passion, which enables him to appreciate his own passion. Bojcic believes that it is a reality that we as people have to understand the world around us. Change is good.

In life, Bojcic states, we have to redefine ourselves all the time. Our redefining keeps us young at heart. Bojcic says that we are born with a lot of things, innate things within us not yet discovered. He said he believes that everyone has different interest, and although one might leave one interest to pursue another, one never really leaves it. His philosophy about life is that it is like going into one’s own backyard, and exploring all the bugs there to find.

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