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The University of La Verne’s Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum met Wednesday, April 5 in the West Dining Room at 8:59 a.m. The forum attended to the discharge of business and largely therein to internal issues.

Members Ousted

Two Forum members, Sean Krispinsky and Stephanie Thraen, were voted out by the Forum. In accordance with ASF’s new attendance policy, Krispinsky and Thraen were eligible to be voted out because they had three or more absences.The action means Krispinsky and Thraen are no longer eligible to vote, although, as anyone else is, they are welcome to attend meetings.

Another member who was eligible to be voted out, Stefan Chacon, resigned.

Thraen was commissioner of clubs and organizations and Krispinsky was commissioner of advocacy.

Despite their removal, the Forum maintains its required number of commissioners.


Sophomore Mario Guerrero, a former member of ASF, presented the Form with numerous proposed Amendments to ASF’s constitution.

·Funding is eliminated when students receive class credit.

·A two-thirds majority is required for allocating funds in excess of $500.

·The President is required to have one semester on ASF.

·Non-voting members will consist of “any assistants deemed necessary,” rather than one for each commissioner and senator.

·The accountant and secretary are official, voting members.

·ASF shall have two full-time faculty or staff advisors, instead of two full-time faculty. One advisor is chosen by the Forum and the other by the University.

The Forum will vote next week on the proposed amendments.

— Brice Nixon

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