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Forum could spend more wisely

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As with the beginning of every year, the Associated Students Federation Forum will soon be announcing its budget for the upcoming year. With an estimated $114,000 as the subject in question, a campus-wide concern should be in order.

The Forum reserves the right to allot money in the same uniform fashion it has for numerous years. Thousands go to formals, retreats, recreation days and whatever the forum deems necessary.

Yet even with all of the programs, people and the plethora of orange and green that will be distributed during Homecoming week by the Forum, ASF misses one major one issue: the students are apathetic.

That and that alone should be the concern of the Forum. With a sizeable budget at their disposal, ASF has the capability to alter the unprideful course of enrollment at ULV.

First and foremost is the area of clubs and organizations. Students who show the ambition to start a club at ULV are immediately limited to their $150 activities grant from the forum.

ASF should consider increasing this amount, knowing that the existing cost barely covers the expenses for one school-wide event. Additionally, fundraising is a hopeless effort on the University of La Verne campus, as the Forum should remember from their Winter Formal ticket sales.

With broader budgets, ULV clubs and organizations can offer more to students, thus giving those students the opportunity to offer more to the University.

However that is just the beginning.

The Forum could organize rooter buses to sporting events, making commutes to Redlands and Whittier a welcomed event.

ASF, with its diverse array of talents and monetary strength, has the ability to make the University a place where one’s college experience is not limited to the diversity of their class schedule.

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