Ethernet may be equipped in Oaks

by Deanna Reyes
Staff Writer

Roommates and computer science majors Nick Van Der Wande and Jason Opdycke have made a proposal to assist in installing Ethernet into the Oaks Residence Halls. Ethernet is a service which would allow students to connect to the Internet without having to use their phone line.

According to Van Der Wande, the Oaks is already wired for proper installation and has been that way for almost a year now. Van Der Wande said they already have the hardware that is needed, called hubs, and are equipped with enough to make it happen. The reason for the delay is that the C Building lacked the power to install the system and funding has been lacking in the past.

Brian Tresner, network manager, said the reason why Ethernet has not been set up earlier is that they lacked manpower to physically set it up, a lack of hardware and have a staff that is “overworked and understaffed.”

Informal meetings and telephone conversations between Van Der Wande, Opdycke, Clive Houston-Brown, chief information officer, and Tresner, have taken place to discuss the details of the proposal. Van Der Wande said Houston-Brown seemed enthusiastic about the installation of the Ethernet, and wanted to get started on the planning process. Houston-Brown said they discussed what needed to be done in order to make the installation happen.

“Installation of the Ethernet is going to happen,” said Houston-Brown. “It’s just a matter of time so we can see what we need to do to make it happen.”

Tresner said installing Ethernet is something they’ve been wanting to do for awhile and that up until yesterday, the dorm was not ready for proper installation.

Van Der Wande said he was upset since a tuition raise was implemented this year, and that a portion of it was supposed to be used toward technology improvements. “Obviously we’re paying more money for something and we’re not getting it,” he said.

According to Houston-Brown, a portion of the raise will be going toward various technological improvements, and the Technology Oversight Committee will decide how these funds will be used for instructional technology.

Houston-Brown said the Computer Science Club as well as Van Der Wande and Opdycke were interested in doing what they could to speed up the process.

Van Der Wande said he and Opdycke have volunteered their time and services to help set up the Ethernet system in students’ dorm rooms. The Computer Science Club would be willing to help users set up their computers to be Ethernet ready.

Houston-Brown said they are looking at a possible wireless connection for Stu-Han and Brandt Residence Halls.

“We plan to install Ethernet into all of the dorms,” said Tresner. He said that Stu-Han and Brandt need to be evaluated as to what needs to be done for installation.

“It is very important to get students in the dorms connected to the Internet,” said Houston-Brown. “It is high priority on our list.”

Houston-Brown said when the Ethernet is installed in the Oaks, the institutional technology department will test out the successfulness of the program by first installing it in a few dorm rooms. It will most likely be in the rooms of computer literate students who are able to test the program to its full capability. According to Tresner, completion of Ethernet installation is in the near future.

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