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Founders renovations leave space

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by Deanna Reyes
Staff Writer

Next September, the Hoover Building will become the new home to the Behavioral Science department, CAPA and John Gingrich, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. A decision process will then take place to determine which departments will be moving into the empty spaces in Founders Hall.

A notice will be sent to all departments notifying them that this space is available. Schools and departments interested in moving into Founders Hall must complete a proposal, called an RFP, stating the reasons why they wish to utilize the space. They must give a program statement that includes what actions and visions they have, what space is needed and the number of students, faculty and staff within their department.

The Space Committee, comprised of representatives from various schools and departments, will be the decision makers for this process. According to Phil Hawkey, executive vice president, the criteria for the committee’s decision will be similar to that which was used for the Hoover Building. Some of the criteria which may be used include growth of enrollment in the program, financial impact, enhancing the reputation of the University and special space needs.

The decision process will begin sometime in November and a final decision will be made in March. Once the decision is made, the architecture and planning work on Founders Hall will start.

“We want to be in a position so that next September we can start working on Founders Hall,” said Hawkey. Renovations to offices and classrooms will be made, however Founders Hall will remain open and in use for classes in fall 2001.

Since the top floor of Founders Hall will be empty, Hawkey said he anticipates that there will be some expansion of the computer lab and instructional technology that faculty members can apply to the classrooms. He also said more offices for technology, staff and training will be implemented.

Currently, the law school occupies the Hoover building. When it moves to Ontario in January, a renovation of the Hoover Building will begin, set to be completed by September. Then, Gingrich and the Behavioral Science and CAPA departments will move into the Hoover Building and lastly, the Hoover Annex will be removed in early 2002.

Hawkey said that the President’s office, which is currently on the second floor of Founders Hall, will be relocated to Gingrich’s old office, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ office will be moved to the President’s office.

The departments that move into Founders Hall will also be leaving empty spaces behind. Hawkey said it has not been decided which departments or offices will be moved to these spaces, but that it would be determined in the future by the Space Committee.

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