Scooters become campus transport

Scooters are now the new trend of transportation and can run from $49 to $119. Senior Michelle Bocanegra, who utilizes her scooter to get around campus, was able to purchase her scooter for $35. / photo by Natalie Fowle
Scooters are now the new trend of transportation and can run from $49 to $119. Senior Michelle Bocanegra, who utilizes her scooter to get around campus, was able to purchase her scooter for $35. / photo by Natalie Fowle

by Akilah Nyerere
Staff Writer

The skateboard has been replaced by an updated version of a classic. Until recently, children made their own scooters by adding a handle to their skateboards.

But now, manufacturers are using technology to make them one of the largest selling products on the market today. The popularity of the scooter has increased, making it one of the most widely used forms of transportation. Kids of all ages are now using scooters to get around.

Scooters have become widely used by college students. College students are using scooters for recreation as well as transportation. Many use scooters to shuttle to and from their classes. Others use them just for fun.

“I’m not good at riding skateboards, so I think a scooter is safer for me,” said senior Michelle Bocanegra.

A diverse group of people are now turning to scooters for their convenience, the University of La Verne students being a part of that group that is continually growing across the nation.

Sophomore Steven Lau bought a scooter “because everyone owns one.” Lau was also convinced to buy a scooter because of the convenience having a scooter on campus brought. “You get to class quicker and you don’t have to walk,” Lau said.

More ULV students are now taking advantage of the handiness of scooters to get around the campus. Students also opt for scooters instead of cars because they are friendly to both the environment and the wallet. Many students have found scooters to be more cost efficient than other modes of transportation.

Scooters also make parking easier to deal with.

“If I had to park far,” continued Bocanegra, “it’s not so bad because I have my scooter.”

Since there has been an increase in on-campus use of scooters, John Lentz, director of public safety and transportation, is urging those who use them to be careful.

“We urge the students to use caution around congested areas and sidewalks,” he said.

The department will soon be drafting a proposal to restrict the use of scooters, emphasizing the importance of not using them in hallways.

Because of its increasing popularity, many companies have begun to market scooters on television and on the Internet. One internet site,, claims to sell only authentic Razor scooters at a fair price. On the web site, the company claims that its goal is to “identify and distribute practical and consumer friendly mobility vehicles.” Authentic Razor scooters vary in price, starting at about $99. There are other brands of scooters that can be found for less money, but it is said that they are of lesser quality.

Other popular sites to find Razor scooters, as well as Zappy, Citybug, Just Go, and Vapor Brand scooters and accessories are, and

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