Adam Sandler’s new movie ‘Little Nicky’ offers laughs

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Kevin Nealon plays the Gatekeeper of Hell in Adam Sandler's new movie "Little Nicky." Nealon spent two and half hours in make-up for the fake breasts that were placed on his head, a result of his character's curse. / photo by Natalie Fowle
Former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Kevin Nealon plays the Gatekeeper of Hell in Adam Sandler’s new movie “Little Nicky.” Nealon spent two and half hours in make-up for the fake breasts that were placed on his head, a result of his character’s curse. / photo by Natalie Fowle

by Jazmine Ponce
Managing Editor

For some people life is hell, but Nicky lives in hell, literally, because his father is the Devil.

In Adam Sandler’s latest comedy “Little Nicky,” opening Nov. 10, Sandler plays one of the Devil’s three sons who must go to New York in order to save his father.

“Little Nicky” is best described as a typical Sandler movie. In the vein of his movies such as “Happy Gilmore” and “Waterboy” one can expect a raucous, crazy, funny movie that pokes fun at almost anything.

Set in Hell Nicky (Sandler) is the youngest underachieving, slow son of the Devil who is constantly tortured by his two older brothers Adrian and Cassius.

When the Devil (Harvey Keitel) decides he is not going to leave the throne to one of his sons, Cassius, and Adrian go against their father and plan to create a hell on earth by going to New York and raking havoc on its citizens. Exiting the gates of Hell cause a disruption in the “cosmos” that would allow no new souls to enter hell and Satan to slowly deterriate piece by piece.

Nicky, being his only hope, must travel to New York and return his brothers back to hell. The trouble is his brothers can possess the form of any person. Along with the help of an alcoholic talking dog, Beefy, Nicky must try to save his father. In his crusade he learns about life on earth and love when he meets Valerie (Patricia Arquette), a design student.

Along with Sandler a variety of Saturday Night Live alum make cameo appearances. Kevin Nealon plays the Gatekeeper of Hell whom when letting the Devil’s sons escape gets cursed with breasts on top of his head; Jon Lovitz plays a perverted peeper who is sent to hell.

A variety of other actors also make cameos including Quentin Tarantino as a crazy blind deacon, Rodney Dangerfield as Satan’s father Lucifer and Dana Carvey as a referee. Other actors who contribute are Michael McKean, Clint Howard, Regis Philbin and George Wallace.

Fans of Sandler’s past movies will be happy to see Carl Weathers reprising his role of Chubbs from “Happy Gilmore” and Rob Schneider as the “you can do it” townie from “Waterboy.”

Adding the creative twist of hell, and Satan to the father-son movie style, Sandler and his hilarious cast of characters create a rambunctious comedy that most will enjoy.

Harvey Keitel is outstanding as the devil. Many will be surprised to to see who plays Nicky’s bubbly angel mother. As well, the movie ends in a rather abnormal way with a cameo by one of hard rock’s biggest names.

Fans of Sandler’s other movies will enjoy the Sandler style of pop culture references, quirky characters and sometimes raunchy out-of-this world humor. One can say this is considered a “guy” movie. Yet some women who enjoy off the wall morbid humor, laced with a little bit of dirty jokes, who have enjoyed Sandler’s movies in the past will like it.

Overall “Little Nicky” is one of Sandler’s best efforts to date, with flashy creative special effects, great performances by the entire assortment of cast members as well as great a script.

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