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Campus ministry provides wide array of offerings

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by Crystal Apilado
Staff Writer

Campus Ministry is a program that provides opportunities and support for students at the University of La Verne. It encourages and helps students connect with their personal faith and gives them a chance to learn more about their surroundings and to explore different experiences.

There are two different programs that make up Campus Ministry, the Protestant Campus Ministry and the Catholic Campus Ministry. Although they are two different programs with slightly different focuses, the programs work together on many projects to bring students together.

Debbie Roberts, Protestant campus minister, says that there are four main points of the campus ministry mission statement that stand out.

One point is that a student will experience a life long learning process where the students ask questions and continue to ask questions while always learning and growing.

The second point is caring for the planet and for the people who live on the planet, allowing reflection on one’s values in their own life.

The third point is focusing on ULV and the community, learning to appreciate the diversity and different opportunities that ULV has to offer to students.

The fourth point is students will take action and not just sit back and do nothing. In hopes that students will make it a primary goal to combine faith and education together through the involvement of community service.

“There is an emphasis on walking one’s talk,” said Roberts.

In order to obtain these points, Roberts and Sister Margaret Devlin, Catholic campus minister, have developed events for both the Protestant and Catholic programs as well as interfaith events so that they merge together.

“I’m open to ideas,” said Devlin referring to her perspectives of students submitting ideas.

As the new Catholic campus minister, Devlin has been taking time to get to know people around campus and to become acquainted with ULV.

An upcoming event for the Catholic ministry is the All Saints Day Mass held on Nov. 1 at noon in the West Dining Room. It will mark the first mass of the school year.

Another upcoming event that is being considered is a project with the Council of Churches in Pomona through Habitat for Humanity to build a house in La Verne.

“Hopefully people on the campus, students, will be interested in participating in this [event],” said Devlin.

Another idea that Devlin is looking into is transporting ULV students to the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Claremont for the youth mass on Sundays at 5:30 p.m.

There will also be an opportunity to attend a retreat in January. More information on the retreat will be announced at a later date.

According to Roberts, there are two main events that the other half of campus ministry offers. One was the Walk for the Hungry on Oct. 15. The other was the Free Flea Market that was held last weekend.

There are some major programs that are focused on. Grief Counseling Support Group is held during fall semester and it is intended for those who have lost a loved one and are in need of support as the holidays approach. The meetings are held once a week in the Chapel.

The other program is the Summer Service Program. This is a week long program held during the summer months that offers volunteer positions. Students get the experience of staying with other families in different cultures and environments. Students can apply for the program at the Chapel.

“It grows leaders,” said Roberts.

The third is the Baccalaureate workshop service that allows graduating students and their families a chance to reflect. The workshop offers a worship experience before the students graduate.

There are two groups that students can get involved in. The Soup and Substance group meets on Sunday nights for dinner at Robert’s house.

“I think this group gives students a venue to discuss current issues and things that are important to them with other concerned students and family members,” said Kim Reed, a sophomore and a member of Soup and Substance.

There is also a Bible study group that meets on Friday nights at 7. The group has an Evangelistic appeal in it.

The Protestant and Catholic ministries join together to offer environment where students feel free to go. There is an interfaith worship held once a month on a Sunday at 7 p.m. in the Chapel.

The Chapel is open to anyone who would like to pray, reflect or to just think. In the Chapel, there is also a room called the peace loft. The peace loft is equipped with a television,VCR and books for studying. The peace loft is available to anyone.

“Students can go [there] to get away,” said Roberts.

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