Tiki Room in Pomona hosts ULV college night

by Anna Roy
Staff Writer

The cancelling of College Night was a disappointment to University of La Verne students, but Feb. 27 is the date set for the next College Night, at the Tiki Room in Pomona.

College Night was initially held at the Claremont Inn where La Verne students were housed for part of last year. Senior Dan Ehler and junior Raul Mena organized the weekly parties until they were cancelled for a variety of reasons, including fire hazards.

“It’s a long story, the school had a problem with different things,” Mena said.

The location was next moved to Michelangelo’s in San Dimas where students attended on Tuesday nights with the beginning of the fall semester.

The party was open to college students everywhere and for $5-6 a night people could dance, drink, eat and socialize. College Night was extremely popular and attended by as many as 500 people on one occasion.

College Night at Michelangelo’s was cancelled by authorities on Oct. 27 due to a clause in Michelangelo’s liquor license, which prohibited the amplification beyond a preset level of any type of music.

“Our college night was amongst friends, and within walking distance of the Red Roof Inn,” Ehler said.

As for underage drinking Ehler said, “I think with any party there is underage drinking. I am not going to be blind to the fact. Though, I didn’t see a lot of underage drinking. There should have been more security at that location.”

Sophomore Chris Jones said, “College Night was cool. Everybody from school was always there, having a good time, hanging out together.”

Ehler said officials showed up at Michelangelo’s because ULV contacted a local law enforcement agency and told them that there was a problem with students coming to school on Wednesday hung over from Tuesday night, in addition to the problem of underage drinking.

“I can’t say that they [the University] cancelled it, but they directed the right authorities that would be able to cancel it,” Ehler said.

On the last College Night, San Dimas police officers entered the party with video cameras to document evidence and ended the party.

“I was the one who notified the Sheriff’s Department, that is my role, to be a liaison with the local law enforcement,” said director of Campus Security and Transportation John Lentz. Lentz also said that he received “input from people that attended” and those people brought to him concerns about too much drinking, drinking and driving and fighting. He said that there were “rumors of fondling and overcrowding of the facility, several issues that came up.”

Sophomore Kim Reed attended some of the College Nights at Michelangelo’s and said of the event, “It was alright. It was just a lot of people in a small area.”

In response to the cancellation of Tuesday night activities, Mena and Ehler have decided to put on another party, this time at a different venue. The Tiki Room in the Pomona Arts Colony will be the location for the party scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 9:30 p.m.

The party will feature a theme, “Fat Tuesday,” and will have a Mardi Gras feel to it.

“Come with your beads and boas,” Ehler said.

The Tiki Room is complete with a full-scale restaurant and security will be provided by the venue. There will be a bar providing alcoholic beverages for those 21-years-old and over.

“It is a legitimate venue for having a party,” Mena said.

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