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Bookstore stands by return policy

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by Angelique B D’Silva
Arts & Entertainment Editor

University of La Verne students have taken notice of the 48-hour book return policy at the ULV Bookstore that starts seven days after the beginning of a class. It used to be that students had a two-week grace period to return books. This is no longer the case.

Sophomore Nadia De Leon had “no idea” that when she went to the bookstore the Monday after school started, she would not be able to return her book. She said that General Manager Clayton Simmons’ reason was that there were fliers stating the return policy.

De Leon said that she “was not aware of the policy when she bought the book.” And that when she was speaking to Simmons, she said [he], “was rather rude and I did not appreciate that.”

Sophomore Anne Arnest was not able to return the book she purchased, although she was only a day late of the return policy. She said she was upset because the book she wanted to return was still in its wrapper.

Simmons said “the ULV Bookstore policy has been in operation for the last year. We provide the students a seven-day grace period to return their books after the start of classes. After seven days, they have 48-hours to return their books from their purchase date.”

Junior Matt Jackson was also upset he spent $322 on books, and in the end found out he had no use for them.

Jackson, after being a day late on the 48-hour return policy was not able to return his books. He tried to speak to Simmons and explain to him his situation, but Jackson said that Simmons would not listen.

Jackson admitted he was not aware of the 48-hour return policy. “It takes a lot to piss me off,” he said.”I’m a junior and I know how things are supposed to run.”

After disputing with Simmons and coming to no resolution, he told Simmons and customers, “I will never buy a book from here anymore.”

In regard to the incident with Jackson, Simmons said, “the ULV Bookstore gives all students an opportunity to return their books in a reasonable amount of time and to insure that the books do not sustain any damage.”

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