Dance to benefit earthquake victims

by Anna Roy
Staff Writer

La Vernacula, the bilingual student-run publication, with the help of the Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum are sponsoring “Baila y Salva, or Dance and Save” March 27 from 7 p.m. until midnight in the Old Gym.

The editorial board of the magazine decided to put on the event to raise the much-needed funds for victims of the recent earthquakes in El Salvador.

The country of El Salvador had been struggling since emerging from a 12-year civil war in the early ’90s to a devastating hurricane in 1998. This past year three major earthquakes rocked the country. The largest of which had a magnitude of 7.6. That one in particular was felt some 750 miles away in Mexico City.

As of Feb. 17, the death toll was at 844. In addition thousands of wood-framed and adobe homes have been destroyed, leaving families stranded. Hundreds of others suffered from injuries. Many villages were evacuated, and looters ransacked what they could in some cases. Other villages were completely leveled. Public sanitation officials fear epidemics because of poor sanitation conditions.

As a result, President Francisco Flores declared a state of national emergency pleading with the international community for help.

“We, as the Latino magazine on campus, thought it was our job. We want to make a difference, even though we know we aren’t going to make millions of dollars, what we get is going to help,” said sophomore Cintia Rivera, a native of El Salvador and member of the organization.

In addition, members of the club are collecting donations. All proceeds will go directly to the Red Cross fund for the victims. For the past week there was an informational table set up in front of the Student Center to sell tickets, inform the community and collect donations.

Junior international business student Carolina Quiñonez has been working diligently to promote monetary donations, asking professors, students and organizations. ” ‘Buy a piece of heaven and donate,’ that’s my motto,” she said.

The dance will feature DJ Noyz, who will play a variety of music and local band, Mila-Bizu. Milu-Biza is made up of University of La Verne students Chris Arbizu and Obren Milanovic.

“We want everyone to know that the dance will not only feature Spanish music. We know that La Verne is a diverse community and that’s why we want to have different types of music in order to unify everyone,” said Rivera.

The ticket price is $5 and can be purchased by contacting Vicky Martinez at (909) 392-6369. Sales are reported as being steady.

“Student response has been really good, even people who can’t go to the dance are giving donations and so are the faculty and staff members. It shows that people do care,” said Martinez, president of the organization.

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