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Mervine leaves post in financial aid

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by Alisha Rosas
Editor in Chief

Ed Mervine, director of financial aid, left the University of La Verne on Tuesday, March 20.

A memo sent to the ULV community from Pat Coleman, vice president of enrollment management, confirmed that the Office of Financial Aid will be co-led by Linda Brignoni, financial aid systems director, and Bola Soyemi, assistant director for financial aid.

Brignoni, according to Coleman, will serve as the interim director until a new director can be “identified and appointed.”

Reasons for Mervine’s departure from the the University are unclear, and officials involved are not commenting.

Oris Barber, director of Human Resources said, “I wouldn’t talk about that at all,” in regard to Mervine’s leaving ULV.

When also contacted at home, Mervine had no comment and said he wished not to discuss any information about the situation.

Coleman said that currently, ULV officials are looking for a new director to permanently fill the position.

There has been no specific time frame assigned to the selection of the new director.

“We need to take time to think carefully about that next step,” she said. “When we reach that time, then we’ll take it.”

“We have an interim director now,” said Coleman, “work will be done and no work will be left behind.”

Brignoni said that the duties of the Financial Aid Office will remain unchanged.

“We’re picking up where he [Mervine] left off. We are moving ahead, there will not be any delays in any of the processing. I’m confident that we’ll meet our deadlines for student packets and student awards,” she said.

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