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Student Health Center

Dear Editor,

Regarding Mr. Galaraga’s column “Accident is an indicator of irresponsibility” [May 11], I find the use of the word “irresponsibility” ironic. It is clearly irresponsible for a reporter to use his position with the media to promote an indefensible opinion based on a report “according to the student.” While it is true that editorials are the place to express an opinion, you used your position to report an event as if it was fact, that the ULV Student Health Center did nothing to help the student. As an athletic trainer, I have had numerous occasions to have to refer students to the Health Center for injuries and illness. Their ability to address the health needs of the students is professional and appropriate. While it is true that our Student Health Center is not a full-service hospital, to imply that nothing was done would be erroneous at best. If you were acting as a responsible reporter, you would have taken the time to try and verify the facts of the situation, beyond simply relying on the statement of the student.

In my opinion, you have gone far beyond the scope of the professional journalist in attacking the ULV Student Health Center without checking the facts. To quote your column, “Can anyone else hear the words ‘lawsuit?'” Mr. Galaraga, do you know what a libel or slander suit is? It is what someone who defames another person without cause faces in a court of law-someone like an irresponsible journalist.

Paul Alvarez
Professor of Movement and Sports Science


ASF Election

Dear Editor,

In response to the story by Tom Galaraga, “Guerrero re-elected in 2nd election” [May 11], ASF and the Coordinator of Student Affairs and Commuter Programs should be ashamed of this past election. This election reminds me of a corrupt election of a Latin American country. It is plain as day, “I would love to tell Anthony the election was 100 percent fair, but I can’t do that. But I can say that it was fair,” said Michael Houdyshell. Can’t get any more corrupt than that. The tyranny must end! ASF was unable to obtain a new copy of ULV’s student roster that is a pathetic excuse! You obviously can appoint anyone into office, why can’t you get a new roster? “I officially certify Mario as ASF president for 2001-02.” This just proves that ASF is the PRI of Mexico, miraculously at ULV the dead vote and the living are voted for by Michael Houdyshell.

Ruben Gomez


ASF and the Greek System

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the article titled “Elections should be done correctly” and the letter to the editor by Greg Hemenover [May 11].

As ASF president for the 2000-2001 academic year and re-elected president for the incoming year, I feel that student government can be the ‘voice of the students.’ With this in mind I would like to write a few words about the article “Elections should be done correctly.” I agree with the title of the article, elections should be done correctly. Yet, I don’t agree with the negative view that the author of the article has on the elections. This article chooses to compare the National elections to the ASF elections. The difference is that ASF knew there was something wrong with the original elections and decided to redo the process. Some would view this as government actually working.

Also, the author of this article assumes that the campus as a whole cares about the elections. There are well over a thousand undergraduate students at ULV and yet there were fewer than 300 students who voted. As president I can honestly say that that is a problem that La Verne faces, people who don’t care. To attack the few people who actually care, the forum members on ASF that are volunteers, is to attack some of the few people/organizations on campus that not only care about ULV but actually do something to improve ULV.

As for Greg Hemenover’s letter, I resent many of the things he says. I would like students to go to Greg Hemenover and ask him if he has ever been an ASF member, or how many times this year he has been to ASF meetings. The fact is Greg has very little knowledge of how ASF works and that has a lot to do with why his fraternity did not receive money for their formal. Also, I am offended that Greg would beat around the bush criticizing my job this year as president knowing nothing about the Forum or me. It seems to me that Greg is simply upset that he didn’t get money for his formal, something which he only has his fraternity and himself to blame for. I say this because I know that ASF did their job this year in attempting to contact all organizations and showing them how to come to ASF for sponsorship.

To conclude, I would only like to say that ASF can be a forum to accomplish great things on campus. The members are volunteers who actually care and make time to do something for this campus. We don’t get anything but the satisfaction of bringing good events to this campus. I hope that in the future, the Campus Times and individuals come to ASF and get involved before they start criticizing some of the few people who actually make a difference.

Mario Guerrero
ASF President


Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the multiple articles concerning ASF and the Greeks. I feel that this issue has been talked to death and yet I do not believe that the students are receiving the correct information. I have been the ASF accountant for two years and every year any issue concerning the Greek organizations and ASF on this campus has been, may I say, a headache. I am one of the biggest advocates of Greek life, a three-year member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, and Panhellenic Vice President. I am offended that you, Campus Times, would print such inaccurate and biased information. I understand that opinions are opinions, but I have never once seen an article written about ASF by this paper in which all the information was based on facts.

One of the most reoccurring problems is when should ASF give the Greeks money. I am writing specifically in response to the article entitled, “SAE claims ASF was unfair in formal allocations” [May 4]. ASF did not foul up in its decision making process. The problem is that Greeks are not representative of the entire student body. They make up a very small percentage. My question is, “Why should the students money go toward funding an event that only allows a select population of students to attend?” Let’s face it, how many non-Greeks, that are not dates, would really want to attend a formal based on a fraternity or sorority tradition? Better yet, how many students would want their money to pay for something they have no part in? Even if non-Greeks attend these events, sororities and fraternities pay dues. Why is it that they cannot budget better so that they do not have to come ask ASF to fund their formals?

And, of course Greeks are students too, but that is not reason to hand out money to them as if it grows on trees. It is the job of the entire ASF to make the best decisions possible for the majority of students. Greek events will continue to receive funding. I cannot speak for next year’s Forum in regards to funding formals.

My challenge to those in the Greek system that continually complain about ASF is to apply to be on Forum. It’s not like we make it difficult to join. Complaining will fix nothing. The students’ money needs to be spent on events that will affect the majority of the students. I would also like to add that ASF meetings are open to the student body, if anyone is interested in seeing how decisions are made concerning their money.

I would like it to be noted that this is my opinion. I will not try to speak on behalf of the entire Greek system nor ASF. Thank you for you time.

Shellie Etheridge
ASF Accountant
CPA Vice President
Phi Sigma Sigma


Campus Times Coverage

Dear Editor,

Over the last four semesters, I have enjoyed reading Alisha Rosas’ columns and articles. In addition to being an excellent person, she has evolved into a great writer. I just want to congratulate her for her job as the editor in chief of the Campus Times. Although her Campus Times experience is coming to an end, for Alisha, this is only the beginning of an illustrious career.

Enrique Gutiérrez

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my feelings about some of the issues covered by your paper. First of all, you have excellent writers; however, some of your stories do not reflect what is going on on campus. In every issue, there is always a story about Greek life — boring! There are so many events that deserve more recognition and attention than silly Greek activities, such as the Bienvenida Dinner by LSF, which received no coverage and the comedy program by the Marketing Club — I am sure there were probably others that weren’t covered. I hope next year other activities are taken into consideration. Let’s face it: the only people that participate in Greek activities are the Greeks, and they should each start their own newsletter and distribute it among themselves. Other organizations should get the same exposure that the Greeks get. After all, we are all students, and we deserve the same treatment and recognition.

Darla Franklin

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