Seniors ponder life after graduation

by Matt Cresto
Staff Writer

Summer is just around the corner, finals are near and school is almost out.

For the seniors here at the University of La Verne, their collegiate careers are coming to an end. That end is nearing, and in no time at all, it will have passed. They will soon be looking at the beginning, the beginning of their futures and the start of a new career.

Lives have changed, career paths have been chosen and friends have come and gone. So much has been accomplished here by the multitude of seniors and with the knowledge and talents they produced here at ULV, the capabilities and futures of many, have a bright light shining at the end of their tunnel.

Before the seniors venture out into the real world, many of them have made plans to relax and reward themselves for enduring the process of what it takes to be a college student.

The one thing that seems to be a common answer from future alumni is how they cannot wait to return home.

Many seniors said that they do not want to live at home, but would move back to the area where they are from for a while to see their family and most importantly have some home-cooked meals.

Here is a look at what some of the 2001 seniors plan to do after the spring semester is done.

Broadcast major Gavin Hui Hui has his sight set on taking a limousine down to Hollywood to check out the exciting life as a superstar.

“I think I am going to cruise a limo to Hollywood to see what it has to offer me,” said Hui Hui.

The party cannot last forever for Hui Hui because he has to return to school in the summer to finish up a few units before he can head home. He intends on returning to his home state of Hawaii to spend time with his family and catch a few rays before venturing out to look for a job.

Psychology major Kelly Mitchell intends on taking her fun down south to the Yucatan Peninsula for a trip to Cancun, before starting an internship in Chicago.

“I plan on doing a little celebrating with my roommate Victoria,” said Mitchell. “I need to let loose for a while before I start working.”

Mitchell plans to go to Chicago for the summer and return in the fall to start graduate school. After, she will return home to Northern California to find a job.

Movement and sports science major Nate Swift just wants to go home to relax for a while.

I am going to go back home to Corona, because I need to eat for free,” said Swift.

Swift will look to go to graduate school to continue in his athletic training studies. His goal is to find work here in Southern California.

Business major Eric Garma is taking his talents to Las Vegas. His family is moving from Washington to Las Vegas to get out of the rain. Garma plans on living his senior trip in “Sin City.”

“What better place to live after college,” said Garma. “I plan on doing a little gambling, but I am also planning on attending UNLV.”

The new journey for the graduates will provide opportunity and a life filled with prosperous dreams and achieved goals.

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