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Student reflects on lessons learned

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Julia Carachure, Editorial Director

Julia Carachure, Editorial Director

Over the past two years, I am amazed at how much I have changed. There are times when I really find that hard to believe. But when I look back, I am amazed by the lessons that I have learned here at La Verne. I do not think I could have learned such lessons if I had attended another school.

This is my last semester on the newspaper staff. I am glad that I stayed on for four semesters instead of the two required. There are plenty of lessons that I will take with me when I leave the paper. There are also lessons that I am ready to learn when I return as a senior for another round of magazine and finish my time at La Verne.

So without any further hesitation, I have learned that:

· If I do not speak my mind, I will remain voiceless.

· Life is always about taking chances, no matter how scary that may be to me sometimes.

· I need to try something new whenever I have the chance, in this case, playing guitar, doing yoga, making jewelry and cross stitching.

· Once I get to know someone, I find out that person is not so bad.

· I do not need a man to keep me happy and make me special.

· No matter what I do to make someone like me, there is always going to be someone who will never like me.

· The people who I least expect to support me in my time of need will.

· I need people who will make me laugh and be there for me at the same time.

· To keep a sense of humor, I must nurture my inner child, believe me, the Powerpuff Girls do wonders for me.

· Love does not conquer all, in the end, the only person who will remain is me.

· I need to be spontaneous every now and then.

· There is always someone who will be on my side.

· Believing in myself is the greatest power that I will ever have.

· Take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way, I may never have that chance again.

· Once in a while, I must re-evaluate my morals. It is the only way that I will be able to grow and become a better person.

· If I ask someone a personal question, I should be prepared to deal with the answer.

· It is OK to cry for no reason at all.

· Never underestimate myself, I am much stronger than I think I am.

· Somewhere along the line, I must learn how to build boundaries, otherwise everything will collapse on me.

· It is fun to shock people by saying outrageous things.

· While most men are idiots, there are still a few good men out there, I just need them to find me one day.

· There is always room for improvement in every aspect of my life.

· I should not panic over every little thing. Most of what I worry about is not that important anyway.

· There will always be a crisis that is ready to fall on me at any given time and that I should handle it with caution.

· It is all right to put things off as long as it gets done one way or another.

· I must keep writing no matter what, whether it is in my journal or poetry, it will keep my writing skills in shape.

· I always call the shots. Always.

As the school year ends, people should look back and remember the lessons that they have learned this year, pat themselves on the back and remember them always. I know I will do the same.

Julia Carachure, a junior journalism major, is editorial director of the Campus Times. She can be reached by e-mail at

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