ASF elections will alter current amendments

by Joe Garcia III
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne’s Associated Students Federation (ASF) Forum will hold elections during the next two weeks for new ASF commissioners and senators. They also will address new amendments to the ASF constitution.

One such amendment would prevent organizations on probation from receiving any funds from ASF until the probation has been lifted.

Special elections for commissioners will be held Oct. 3. Elections for senators are Oct. 10.

ASF, the university’s student governmental body, handles a general budget of about $130,000, which is distributed throughout the forum boards and helps to sponsor other organization’s events during 2001- 2002 school year.

This year ASF started out with only four senators and four commissioners instead of eight on each board.

Nineteen students are running next month: 12 for commissioner and seven for senator.

The candidates, for commissioners are Travis Berry, Jacklin Bonner, Michelle Duarte, Gayane Grajian, Sonia Haro, Crystal Marks, Kristal Mendoza, Sara Morphis, Jen Newman, Brian Oretga, Hugo Valencia and David Vong. Candidates for senators are Nadia De Leon, Anne E. Earnest, Emily Low, Tirzah Rodgers and Wendy Schwartz.

Violette De La Torre and Marliz N. Franz are running for both panels.

All ULV students are encouraged to vote for the ASF constitutional amendments Monday and Tuesday at the Seal.

The special election, however, is open to ASF members only.

“The panels of senator and commissioner were both short at the start of the year,” said Margaret Tipton, ASF public relations director.

“This will be a good year,” said Mario Guerrero, the second term ASF president.

He said he plans to work closely with faculty, staff and students, to create strong student programs.

The Forum is working to create liaisons to better communicate and better represent the students, he said.

For example, a liaison will meet with work with ULV President Stephen Morgan.

“This will help to inform the students and provide info to help faculty and staff to make better decisions,” Guerrero said.

Questions regarding the amendments, elections or concerns can be voiced at the ASF meetings held at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday in the ASF conference room.

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