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ASF leads apathetic student body

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University of La Verne students are faced with life-altering decisions that can, and will, ultimately define their beings. For these young adults seeking higher education, the decision-making process has never been so important.

Decisions arise everyday, which will set the standard for days to come. These decisions range from “Which Hurley shirt do I want to wear today?” to “Should I wear my hat facing backward or forward?” and most importantly, “To keg or not to keg?” Decisions, decisions, decisions.

With such great minds, it is no wonder that the Associated Student Federation (ASF) Forum has been forced to give more executive power to its president Mario Guerrero. The typical ULV student, however, could care less.

Granted, ASF has made its mistakes in the past, fixing elections and over-budgeting funds, but this select handful of students cares enough to make an effort. Their efforts carry them a long way, more so than they receive credit for.

As a result of poor voter turnout, ASF gives more power to the president so that he can make the decisions for the student body.

Is this the way it should be? Probably not, however, with students who do not take the time to inform themselves about social, political, economical or even environmental issues, maybe it is a good thing that we have a student-elected official think for us. After all, it would be a shame to waste the entire $9,000 tuition on a (cough, cough) education (cough, cough).

A wise man once said a penny saved is a penny earned, and I believe it was a ULV student who said, “Do you know how much beer you could buy with $9,000?”

Great minds think alike, and the same is so with ULV minds.

Rather than exercise their right to vote and participate in free elections, students find excuses to avoid the voting table. Ironically, it is the same students who complain that the school has no social offerings for them to take part in, all the while they walk right past the door to Founders Auditorium where such icons as Sarah Weddington and Pico Iyer have spoken out and continue to munch on their Krispy Kreme Donut that was somehow provided to them for free. Their response-“Free food!” Do they honestly not realize what ASF has to offer and why they should get involved?

In the mid-’90s, Amy Heckerling made a film that depicted the typical lifestyle of college students, more specifically students from the Valley, even more specifically ULV. This amazing film, “Clueless,” was not actually filmed at ULV, but it may as well have been.

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